Benefits and harms of avocado




This fruit belongs to the category of exotic and called the “alligator pear”. His birthplace – Central and South America. For many years about it in our area we did not know anything, except the name. But now it’s completely free to buy and prepare one of the dishes, fashionable in recent years. However, what the benefits and harms of the avocado is known for a long time.

It is no secret that the use of avocado in a rich composition of vitamins and minerals. The content therein is sufficiently large group of vitamins B, PP, D, in the presence of vitamins A and C. In addition, there are substances for human health as phosphorus and sodium, potassium and copper, and calcium.

Avocados are high in calories and extremely nutritious. These fruits are perfectly satisfy hunger. Thus the use of avocados is no refractory harmful fats and sugars. For this reason it is recommended as a dietary product.

Also, the use of avocado in its composition contained in oleic acid. This substance is actively prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques, thereby helping to clean the blood from the harmful cholesterol, removing it from the body.

Especially a lot of these fruits contain vitamin E. Therefore, the use of avocado is manifested in the ability to create a protection of cells from the effects of destructive viruses. Additionally, this vitamin promotes oxygen enrichment of cells involved in the processes and delaying aging. This leads to the fact that regular use of avocado meal generally gives a rejuvenating effect.

In medicine, as the folk and traditional use is not only the fruit. But also seeds, leaves and bark of the tree. One of the most important properties of this plant, according to doctors – the presence of phytochemicals and fitonutrienov. They believe that the benefits of avocado is that these substances are classified as actively destroying tumors and neoplasms. Many of these healing substances that prevent regeneration of healthy cells, are found in the fruit pulp.

In addition, the doctors found that the benefits of avocado is manifested in the treatment of many diseases of the digestive organs. In particular, this fruit is very good for a peptic ulcer, both gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastritis. The pulp of this plant are advised to be added to the food for high blood pressure, anemia, and atherosclerosis.

Avocado is well used as a preventive product that prevents the emergence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In particular, it is believed that the use of avocados that using it as food, can prevent heart attacks or strokes.

According to some studies the use of avocado in stimulating activities genital systems. In some cases, this plant is recommended in the treatment of infertility or restoring potency.

Actively use these fruits in cosmetology. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are part of the fruit can improve the condition of the skin and help to restore the protective functions of the epidermis.

However, in some cases harm avocado may well occur. Typically, this idiosyncrasy. In addition, it should be careful especially with seeds of these fruits. They can be toxins, causing digestive disorders and allergic reactions.

Of course, we can hardly give up the opportunity to diversify your diet with something new. However, in this case, need special care and attention to the recommendations of experts. Only in this way will be received benefits and harms of the avocado will not be felt.

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