Benefits and harms of figs




Fig came on the shelves of our stores from Uzbekistan, China, Armenia and Turkey, as in our region it is not growing. Probably because of this, many Russians are the unknown and unremarkable-looking fruit does not even thinking about the fact that figs – a real treasure of useful substances with medicinal properties for many diseases that have long proven medicine.

However, in addition to the therapeutic effect of figs, doctors also found a few contraindications to the use of the fruit, so it is necessary to know what could be the benefits and harms of figs, depending on who uses it and in what quantities.

Benefits of figs
Eat figs can be fresh or dried. You can also take the pulp of figs.

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It regulates digestion. The use of fresh figs is its laxative effect due to the pectin, which helps with constipation. Bones in the pulp of the fruit is easy to swell in the stomach, so figs recommended for pregnant women, who can use it instead of chemical drugs from the pharmacy.
It prevents heart attack, hypertension and coronary disease. Included in large numbers in the figs potassium and magnesium makes this fruit an excellent building material for muscles and strengthen bones. Also thanks to these vital elements strengthens the heart, improves his work and prevented tachycardia. Ficin, which is also rich in figs, thins the blood, it slows clotting and displays the body of excess cholesterol, which reduces the symptoms of thrombosis and atherosclerosis risk.
A decoction of figs effectively used as an antipyretic. At high temperature, you can prepare a decoction of figs, after reception of which sweat is released strongly. Broth actively destroys bacteria in the body and helps in the healing process, so it is still used for gargling in angina, or inflammation of the mouth.
The most effective broths figs made with milk, for the preparation of which must be:
40 grams of figs pour one cup of milk;
Let it brew for about 5 hours until the fruit fruit will devote all their nutrients;
Drink a quarter cup a few times throughout the day until complete recovery.
Acceptance of such concoctions among other things, helps to restore the voice and eliminate cough.

Effective at the external use. Gruel made from figs, fruits, can lubricate the wound, which will accelerate their healing, soften tumors and abscesses. Fig leaf essential oil can be used as anti-inflammatory, emollient and an antibacterial agent.
Low-calorie and contains a lot of water. This fact makes this fruit is useful for those who wish to lose weight, abstaining from sweets and many other nutritious foods. In addition, because ballast substances contained in figs in large quantities, it is very satisfying.
It is used in cosmetics to soften the skin. Vitamins and proteins, which are extracts of fig, retain moisture and soften the skin, so the fruit is often used in many lotions, creams, perfumes and facial masks.
For the elderly figs recommended for its beneficial properties, which improve eyesight, improve muscle tone and strengthen bones.

Harm figs
High sugar content and fiber in figs. Figs are not recommended for use by people with diabetes and people who have problems with excess weight, as well as those who have inflamed stomach or intestines.
Many of oxalic acid. Patients with gout also forbidden to eat figs. Generally oxalic acid dissolves kidney stones, but it can seriously harm the body, if there is a violation of the exchange substances.
Also, do not use the dried figs at:

-Diseases Pancreas;
-Yazve Stomach;
Given that many of today created medicines on the basis of various chemical substances with numerous side effects, figs – a beautiful, natural healing product that brings only benefits. Benefits and harms of figs depend only on two rules of its reception:

There are not more than 160 grams per day;
Do not eat after 6 pm.

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