Benefits and harms of artichoke




Artichoke has a huge benefit to our health. It is useful to virtually all the leaves and stems basket. His stewed, soar, pickled, added to sauces and pies, is used as a side dish, bake bread of it, and so on. D.

Also of great opportunities plants used in cooking, there is the use of the artichoke as a powerful antioxidant. Studies conducted in the United States showed that it contained a thousand times more antioxidants than any other vegetable. This means that this unique product slows down aging, gives us strength and energy.

Great use of artichoke because of its ability to induce the death of cancer cells. It inhibits the development of many different forms of cancer, including leukemia, prostate cancer and breast cancer. In addition, the vegetable is a unique source of fiber in one basket contains more fiber than a whole cup of prunes.

There is a great benefit to artichoke liver. Thanks to silymarin, the product increases the regeneration of body tissues and has long been used in alternative medicine for the treatment of liver. In addition, the plant stimulates the digestive system and a diuretic. Adding artichoke leaves in dishes helps to regulate cholesterol levels.

Just artichoke long been used in folk medicine to treat a hangover. Due to its beneficial effects on the liver, stomach and intestines, enough as healers claim to eat a few leaves of the plant to get rid of withdrawal symptoms.

Known and harm artichoke from a member of the vegetable polyphenol, which increases the secretion of bile, and therefore, it is consumed with caution to patients with cholecystitis and biliary tract disorders.

Harm artichoke largely depends on its size. So young small vegetable can be eaten raw, and requires a large heat treatment, since the fiber plant with age are becoming more stringent. If the basket artichoke opened and leaves it browned, vegetable not fit for human consumption.

A relative of the artichoke harm depends on the timing of its storage. Fragrant and tasty product maintains its quality for a week, then the wonderful smell of the vegetable disappears, he begins to absorb all the odors and moisture from the environment. It is therefore often prefer to marinate plant or preserve than to keep it fresh.

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