Benefits and harms of black caviar




A rare and therefore expensive delicatessen product is extracted from sturgeon. The largest objects of fishing – the Caspian and Azov Seas, on ponds accounts for 90% of the total caviar production in the world. Traditionally, the largest exporters are considered delicacies Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Israel.

Benefits and harms of black caviar is a real storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. It includes selenium – the most important component of protecting the body from developing cancer; iron, increases the protective functions of the body; magnesium, which strengthens the cardiovascular system; phosphorus – building material for bone tissue.

Unique benefits of caviar due to high concentration in the delicacy of the fatty acid omega-3 is to regulate metabolic processes in the body, strengthening the nervous and immune systems. The substance helps the body to normalize cholesterol, regulate blood pressure, anti-inflammatory effect.
Gourmet valued benefits of caviar, as a good aphrodisiac increases the potency in men. The ancients worshiped the sturgeon as a symbol of fertility and ate the eggs of fish, as a means of enhancing fertility.

In addition, the use of black caviar is to prevent the harmful effects of alcohol on the body, due to its content of acetylcholine, which increases human tolerance to alcohol. Use delicacy during a party make you feel fresh and refreshed after a fun night party.

Known harm caviar due to its ability to cause increased excitability. Delicacy be consumed in limited quantities, it can cause loss of appetite and insomnia.

Do not forget about the excess of salt in the product that is the result of its preservation. To increase the shelf life of salted eggs. For fans of goodies harm caviar with overeating will affect the appearance of swelling and difficulty with urination.

Benefits and harms of caviar is considered strictly individual due to the rich content in sodium product. The substance normalizes the function of neuromuscular tissue, kidneys and water-salt balance in the body, dilates blood vessels. But the same overabundance of sodium can cause some problems. Harm of caviar from the high concentration of the substance is expressed in increased hyperactivity and sweating. The product should be taken with caution in patients with diabetes, hypertension, and neurosis.

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