Benefits and harms of black tea




Drink leaves have interesting qualities. They are able to simultaneously give peace of mind to eliminate anxiety and at the same time have a stimulating effect, increase efficiency.

Benefits and harms of black tea and its effects on the body depends largely on the amount of alcohol consumed. Contained in the drink caffeine has a toning effect and gives us the strength for a busy day. At the same time, the presence of this component is addictive in humans, causing dependence.

Known benefits of black tea for the prevention of viral infections. Antioxidants present in it to protect against the cold and prevents the development of atherosclerosis. Part of the tannin improves the immune system, and the presence of fluorine allows to strengthen enamel and gums. Two cups of drinks throughout the day will help get rid of tooth decay.
The benefits of black tea in it calms the nervous system effect is applied in China. He is able to protect people from seasonal depression, neurosis and smooth for psychopathy. Pleasant quality of his pressure to raise appreciate the people experiencing fatigue and exhaustion.

An important feature of the drink, its ability to rid the body of harmful substances, it is undeniable benefits of black tea. If you use it within reasonable limits it eliminates irregularities in the urogenital system. In addition, it helps to assimilate the information and stimulates brain activity.

There is medical opinion that the regular use of a drink he is the prevention of stroke. The benefits of black tea lies in its features to deliver us from migraine, dilates blood vessels of the brain.

Too frequent drink consumption can adversely affect health. In this case, the possible harm to the black tea for our esophagus, it irritates the mucous membranes.

Strong drink is a negative effect on the heart. The harm of black tea is mainly because of its tonic effect, it is not recommended to drink at night. Do not take tea to women while breastfeeding, because getting into the milk, the liquid causes sleep disorders in children.

The harm of black tea happens if you eat it in too thick a. This drink should not drink for people with impaired thyroid function. His immoderate intake causes arrhythmia, and tremor of the limbs. Some people overdose effect cutting in the stomach and intestinal cramps.

Due to the fact that it accelerates metabolism and possible damage to black tea. If you drink plenty of fluids a day, you can earn exhaustion and dehydration.

Benefits and harms of black tea depends on how much of its drinking and any disease in humans. But we all love him and accept daily. In the East, decided to drink it cold, the Russians added to the sugar drink some honey, and in the UK prefer to take it with lemon. During disease milk is added to it.

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