Benefits and harms of chicken meat




Chicken meat is loved and regularly prepare many of us. It becomes the basis of the mass of different dishes, and a welcome addition the daily menu. Use chicken and damage is mainly dependent on how the meat was cooked and the bird it more talk was grown.

Use chicken
Chicken includes a lot of protein and amino acids. A calorie it on the order of less than caloric content of other types of meat (about 190 calories, depending on whether there is a speech about what part of carcass). So chicken is actively included in the diet of food and nutrition in the menu.
Animal protein – the main benefit in meat chicken. As we know, it is the basic building blocks of the human body. Also a lot of chicken meat in potassium and phosphorus. Dietary and it can be considered due to its low fat content.
Chicken is good for our immune system. The presence in it of a number of trace elements to create a sort of protective barrier for the body. Those who regularly consume cooked chicken meat is much less likely to suffer from colds than those who love, for example, pork and beef.

Very useful product – chicken soup. It is quite nutritious, and thus is able to quickly add strength. In view of this it is the most popular product for patients in recovery period.
Chicken has a beneficial effect on our nervous system. A set of useful vitamins and minerals ensures the normal functioning of nerve cells. Chicken is especially useful for those who suffer from insomnia, stress, depression. Besides potassium and phosphorus in the chicken meat contains many other minerals and vitamins. These are vitamins A and E, B vitamins, iron, magnesium. The chicken is almost no carbohydrates, which is also its advantage.
Experts say that high-quality chicken meat can be used as a way to fight many diseases, such as gout and arthritis, diabetes and peptic ulcer disease. Especially need to eat chicken for diabetics because it helps to increase blood polyunsaturated acids, perfectly digestible by the human body.
Another reason for the use of chicken meat – the presence of a glutamine. It is an amino acid that helps build lean muscle mass. Therefore, bodybuilders are so fond of chicken.
Chicken provides for prevention of stroke and atherosclerosis, normalizes blood pressure. It is useful for older people and children.
Chicken normalizes metabolism, maintains blood sugar levels and blood pressure in the normal state. It also reduces the level of bad cholesterol, and activates the kidneys. Chicken meat is useful for people with low acidity and high.

Harm chicken
The main drawback – the skin. In it a lot of adipose tissue. Before you eat meat, it is better to remove a skin, which helps to eliminate its harmful. Exception – skin on the wings, tender and lean.
A significant advantage of chicken meat concerned only domestic chicken. As for the birds, purchased in a store, the damage it can be more than good. Many companies are feeding broiler chickens antibiotics and hormones, which, of course, good enough. As in chicken feed anabolic hormones are added for the purpose of rapid growth and increase bird mass.
If the chicken meat was processed enough, it can cause the active growth of bacteria in the gut, and poisoning the whole body thereof. Because the chicken should be a good cook before eating.
Also, do not abuse the smoked and fried chicken, as these dishes – the sources of harmful cholesterol. The most useful is the boiled chicken, often included in the diet of athletes and people who want to preserve the shape and health in order.
As we can see, the benefits and harms kuritsy- very controversial issue. With the right, moderate eating meat chickens home this product will be a worthy component of your diet.

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