Benefits and harms of goat milk




Legends about the benefits of goat’s milk came to us from ancient Rome. In the past it was used as a universal remedy for the treatment of most diseases, and to enhance the therapeutic qualities added to it a variety of herbs.

At the end of the 19th century, doctors started talking seriously, that irreplaceable benefits of goat’s milk, if a woman can not breastfeed. Doctors believe that the best substitute for breast-feeding is not found.

Benefits and harms of goat milk is heated debate in the scientific world. It has long been noted that the goat is never ill with brucellosis and tuberculosis, in contrast to the cow. This means that there are very useful for human ingredients in goat milk. The undeniable benefits of goat’s milk is more protein concentration piakrina, thiamine compared to cow’s milk.
Pediatricians recommend you this product as a remedy for diarrhea in the baby, and allergists prescribe it for children who do not tolerate dairy products.

The huge benefits of goat’s milk for mothers who are forced to resort to artificial feeding.

The main medicinal properties of milk, helps in the treatment of anemia, diathesis, and loss of vision. In the famous and celebrated innovative ideas resorts in Switzerland goat’s milk is used extensively in the treatment of rickets and tuberculosis.

Many disputes cause harm to goat’s milk, some consider it the cure for all ills, others are confident in his hazard due to the high fat content and mineralization.

A remarkable and useful product containing beta – casein, that is practically the corresponding human milk than any other species, inter alia in the composition contains a large amount of vitamins.

Harm goat’s milk allergies in general is impossible. This is one of the few products do not cause allergic reactions, which of course is a real find for baby food.

The only thing that can be regarded as obvious damage to goat’s milk, negates all the advantages of this product lies in the conditions in which the fed and kept a goat. Of course, if she was grazing near the road and ate grass with the exhaust gases, to talk about any use of such milk would be, at least, strange. Therefore, before purchasing the milk, it is not superfluous to ask about the conditions in which there was his “mistress.”

Benefits and harms of goat’s milk is enough controversial issue. Along with all the positive qualities of this product is extremely undesirable for baby in a large amount because of their mineralization, which creates a burden on the kidney and urinary problems child.

Prior year harm child’s body can cause it increased greasiness, dear mother’s milk contains a special substance which allows to break down fats, and goat’s milk this enzyme is not present. But after a year you can safely drink the baby this wonderful product, without having to worry about harm to the baby.

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