Benefits and harms of karkade tea




This drink is as an ordinary tea – infusion. For tea Hibiscus dried petals plants with bright flowers – hibiscus, which is also called as “Sudanese rose.” In Egypt, Malaysia and the Sudan – a traditional drink. Now it has spread around the world and the benefits and harms of tea Hibiscus attracted attention of specialists like doctors, and those who engage in a healthy diet.

It is known that the use of tea Hibiscus lies in present therein atontsianov, substances related to vitamin P. There is in it a lot of amino acids, fruit acids, carbohydrates and fast utilizable bioflavonoids. This tea can be substantially strengthen the walls of blood vessels and actually directly provide the regulation of their permeability. Furthermore, it has diuretic and spasmolytic effect.

These studies suggest that the use of hibiscus tea that it contains oxalic acid gammalinolenovaya and by which it reduces the proportion of cholesterol present in the blood, can lead to normal blood pressure. Moreover, due to this composition, it creates a valuable antibacterial effect and regulates the digestive organs, including, contributes to maintaining a healthy liver.
It has been observed that the use of tea Hibiscus tea to reduce with it consequences of alcohol intoxication and poisoning. Also, thanks to contained flavonoids, this drink helps to get rid of all the toxins and many different salts, created by heavy metals.

Doctors say that the use of tea Hibiscus tea is that it can destroy certain pathogens. It is used as a full anthelmintic. Hibiscus considered excellent laxative for constipation and atonia in the colon. It is good that, unlike many drugs has a mild effect.

Overall, an extremely useful drink. Harm Hibiscus tea may impact only in cases of abuse. Excessive intake of fluid significantly increases the workload on the heart due to the fact that there is excessive blood thinning. Also, acting as a diuretic, Hibiscus tea washes away from the body calcium and mineral salts. On the pressure this tea acts differently, depending on whether it is cold or hot. Therefore, the benefits and harms of tea Hibiscus fully human management. Without a doubt, it is necessary to drink it in moderation and only retrieve favor.

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