Benefits and harms of kefir

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This dairy product is prepared for the first time in North Ossetia, a person begins to eat even in infancy, when doctors prescribe very first lure kids. Adults are more selective for kefir – someone like him, some do not. Most often, to understand what are the benefits and harms of kefir man takes his own decision, this product is suitable to him or not. In this case, preference may be in the background.

Of course, the huge benefit of yogurt is that it is very easily absorbed by the human body. Incidentally – from which was produced unlike milk. It is important that this yogurt promotes rapid absorption and various other food that eating with him along the way.

Kefir in its composition is an excellent probiotic yogurt so good in fact that it can be used to get rid of dysbiosis, ie recover the microflora in the intestines and stomach after administration of various drugs during treatment. Now, even at cold doctor can easily prescribe antibiotics, so the yogurt in such situations would be very appropriate.
It is no secret that the use of yogurt is that its regular consumption helps to normalize the body’s metabolism. This, in turn, leads to general health strengthening and improving health.

There are a number of studies carried out by modern doctors and nutritionists who say that the use of yogurt in its facilitate removal from the body toxins and various harmful substances. Again the same effect can be achieved if the product is consumed in moderation, but daily.

Many also argue that the benefits of yogurt that is low-calorie product, although there are diametrically opposing views on this subject. And the truth is that yogurt may have a different fat content, by which, in fact, and depends for its energy value. For lovers of dietary yogurt product has zero fat.

It is known that the use of yogurt in its ability to participate in strengthening the human immune system. Kefir is very good when you need to get rid of this disease, as chronic fatigue syndrome. Kefir has good obscheuspokaivayuschim action as an antidepressant it improves the overall condition of the nervous system. That is why it is included in the menu of almost all medical and health care institutions.

Experts say that the use of yogurt is that it allows you to fight diseases such as atherosclerosis and in general has a positive effect the work of the cardiovascular system of man. In addition, it is considered an excellent antioxidant.

Kefir is good as a product that improves the work of the genitourinary system. Also, the use of yogurt is that due to its composition, it strengthens teeth and bones, improves the condition of hair and nails. Many women use it as a cosmetic product, preparing a mask of yogurt for improvement of a complexion.

However, despite a lot of positive effects of kefir harm also very real in some situations. The fact that yogurt is contraindicated for people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Also, you can not eat yogurt gastritis patients with elevated levels of acidity.

There is absolutely nothing unusual in the fact that, without a doubt, just depends on the person the benefits and harms of yogurt, which they can be obtained. With the right approach, the effect is always positive. Only the last piece of advice – you need to first yogurt was fresh and of good quality!

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