Benefits and harms of kiwi




Homeland of the fruit is considered to be New Zealand. However, there is considerable evidence that kiwifruit known and eaten in ancient times in China. Now this exotic fruit is well distributed in the world, it with pleasure eaten, and what the benefits and harms of kiwi – is well known.

Undoubtedly, the use of kiwi to its highest nutritional value. Kiwifruit containing large quantities of the vitamins such as A, C, E, PP, various fruit acids, glucose and fructose. The composition kiwi many trace elements including most of manganese and phosphorus, magnesium and iron, especially of potassium, little less than it is contained in bananas.

With this composition clinicians believe that the benefits kiwi that it can be effectively used in the treatment of various diseases. In particular, it is a vitamin composition allows its use in diseases of the blood vessels and heart. This fruit helps to reduce blood pressure, so it is good for hypertension. Kiwis have amazing taste and aroma reminiscent of both strawberries and gooseberries. Therefore I believe that the kiwi can improve mood.

The use of these fruits allows you to remove the heaviness in the stomach. It is said that the benefit of kiwi in the ability to have a positive effect on the digestive process, improving it as a whole. This is a good preventive product for getting rid of intestinal worms. Furthermore, using kiwifruit can be combated with kidney stone formation and excessive cholesterol content.

Exclusive use kiwi for people with diabetes. The fact that this fruit sugar content is low enough, so now Kiwi – an indispensable element of many variants of diabetic diets. In addition, many people believe that eating regularly Kiwis can significantly slow down the process of graying hair.

Very good are these fruits for those who are actively fighting for weight loss. Due to the low calorie benefits kiwifruit substantially reducing the amount of fatty acids in the body, these properties result in conjunction with other products of the desired results.

This fruit is not only recommended in pure form, but also to prepare juice therefrom. A significant benefit of kiwi in that one glass of freshly made juice out of them contains the daily requirement of vitamin C. This drink is very good in winter, during influenza epidemics and other colds, because it can significantly improve the immune system.

Many experts recommend eating these fruits straight from the peel. This is due to the fact that the use of a kiwi contained in their peel antioxidants. In order to use this method in the food kiwifruit it was still nice, previously necessary to clean the surface of the fetus by using a special hair brush.

However, with all the positive and useful properties can be harmful and kiwi, which is manifested in cases of excessive abuse. In this situation, these fruits can cause severe allergic reactions, especially in children. In addition, these fruits have a slight, though, but laxative effect. This is another strong argument in favor of moderation.

Actually kiwi – more useful than the fruit. Experts recommend that it is almost everything and do not emit any contraindications. The only and important to ensure that the maximum benefit and harm kiwi was received did not affect the health of all, – have them in moderation and harmony in combination with other products. This approach will provide only the best.

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