Benefits and harms of lime




Genetic lemon kinsman comes from India, cultivated in Indonesia, Venezuela, Brazil and Sri Lanka. Benefits and harms of lime is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is used as an antiseptic. The plant is able to remove the inflammatory rheumatic diseases or digestive tract, good fighting infectious and viral infections and respiratory diseases.

A relative of the lemon contains vitamins C, B and A. In its structure there are an indispensable potassium, able to rid the body of harmful elements, treats atherosclerosis and allergies. The use of lime on the presence of phosphorus and calcium to strengthen bones. Part of the thiamine is a good remedy for beriberi, it contributes to the treatment of paralysis, neuralgia, disorders of the intestine, reduces inflammation in cystitis.

The rich composition of the plant trace elements allows him to protect our body from decay and prevent gum disease. A significant benefit of the lime pectin content of the product, which prevents the formation of tumors and diabetes, in addition, it regulates the level of cholesterol. Present it essential oils normalize the digestive tract.

Cosmeticians known use of lime due to the presence in its composition of riboflavin has on the skin toning effect. The plant has been successfully used for making masks, creams and lotions, it is able to clean the pores, get rid of acne, remove wrinkles, cure herpes.

Damage lime is high acid concentration in it, it leads to the release of large amounts of gastric juice. The product is not recommended for use with ulcers, gastritis and pancreatitis. The acid can lead to the destruction of enamel after use of the product, it is recommended to brush your teeth.

Doctors reported cases of allergic reactions to the product. Harm lime is quite possible, though rarely happens if you are hypersensitive citrus fruits. Possible damage of lime as a result of its laxative action, so it is recommended to eat for constipation.

Benefits and harms of lime is largely dependent on the amount of use of products. But, despite some of its negative properties, acidity and allergenicity, it is an excellent antidepressant and is used successfully as a natural tranquilizer. He is able to lift our mood and acts as a tonic for the whole body.

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