Benefits and harms of melon




Melon belongs to the plant, but we used to take her fruit. Originally it grows in Asia, and then began to cultivate everywhere. The first mention of the sun a fruit found in the Bible, and in Turkmenistan there is even an official holiday “Melon”, which is celebrated fairs, concerts, exhibitions, and prayer in the Orthodox churches.

If we argue what the benefits and harms of melon, then of course its taste and useful qualities far outweighed by all the shortcomings of this wonderful tender and fragrant fruit. It contains vitamins and sucrose, starch, ascorbic and folic acid, fiber, protein, potassium and quenches thirst.

Special melon use in potassium and iron, due to which the product is a must for anemia, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, kidney disease and heart disease. With the success of the fruits used in the treatment of liver.

Our condition of the hair, the good work of the intestine, stomach and all physiological processes are directly dependent on the silicon content in the body. And they are very rich in the fruits of this plant, of course, this is a significant benefit of melon.

Melon can enhance the immune system, it calms the nerves and helps to heal any digestive disorders. If you regularly use it, use a melon will be noticeable within a week, your skin smooth and flowering species.

Interested in these fruits, and men who have problems with potency. Use a melon for anybody not a secret, if you will have a romantic date. It can increase libido and beneficial effect on the overall condition of the reproductive system.

The fruit is rich in serotonin, which gives us moments of happiness and optimism, and a part of the fruits of inosine stops hair loss.

Improper use can damage the melon. It can not be used, combining with other products, it can be harmful for our digestion.

The product is contraindicated in diabetes. Harm melon today proved for mothers breast-feeding, as it can cause irritation of the child. You can not use her sick with dysentery and stomach ulcers, as well as in gastrointestinal disorders.

Very great harm to the melon is observed from the green fruit, especially for patients with gastritis. Contraindicated all have melon on an empty stomach. After its use can not eat dairy products, this can lead to indigestion. It is undesirable to use the product in combination with alcohol it can result in serious poisoning.

Benefits and harms of melon course quite controversial. On the one hand, it is tasty and useful, but the other faces trouble with his stomach.

If you learn how to eat fruits correctly, the problem is not with melon, and it will bring only joy and pleasure.

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