Benefits and harms of milk powder




As is well known conventional pasteurized milk is used pretty quickly turn sour. Therefore, quite a long time already invented an alternative way to replace it – milk powder. Especially convenient is the milk in regions that are unable to receive daily fresh natural milk. And it is this milk is very convenient to use for culinary purposes.

Let’s try to examine what is the benefit and harm of powdered milk. Many buyers are inclined to believe that the milk powder – just the chemical replacement of natural fresh milk in the belief that there is nothing other than chemicals. But this view is profoundly mistaken. Powdered milk is almost no way inferior to fresh milk cow no color, no smell.

The benefits of said milk powder, especially that it is made of the same natural cow milk. Accordingly, it possesses the same qualities. First, natural condensed milk, and then dried. The result is a milk powder that has a longer shelf life than fresh pasteurized milk. A big plus in favor of the milk powder is considered that there is no need to boil it because it has been subjected to heat treatment.
In dry milk contains vitamin B12, so necessary for people suffering from certain forms of anemia. The fact is, and the use of powdered milk for these patients. The composition of milk powder include all of the same components as in the fresh cow’s milk. This protein and potassium, carbohydrates and calcium, minerals and vitamins D, B1, A. Present it and the twenty amino acids that are directly involved in the biosynthesis.

One can hardly dispute the benefits of milk powder, if only because it is used in the manufacture of infant formulas, which are analogous to the mother’s milk.

Harm milk powder determined by the quality of its raw material. That is, if the cows were fed on environmentally hazardous pastures in milk may contain toxic substances, which after processing of fresh milk in the milk will be much higher.

Harm milk powder may occur in people prone to allergic reactions to milk and dairy products, whether fresh pasteurized milk, or dried.

So it can be safely assumed that the harm of powdered milk is negligible. Worsen the taste value of milk powder can only improper storage of this product. That is, under conditions of high temperature and high humidity.

Still hard to say how can confront each other the benefits and harms of milk powder. On this account the views may be the most controversial.

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