Benefits and harms of olives




Venue, date and origin of the olive tree, which grow delicious olives unknown. According to scientists the birthplace of the plant may be a tropical Africa, from where it later spread to the Mediterranean countries through Egypt and Syria. Recent archaeological findings suggest that a tree more than 37 000 years.

Benefits and harms of olives discussed for centuries, mention of the nutritional fruit found in the Bible and the Koran. The ancient Greeks valued the fruit of the plant is not less than the cheese or honey, which are considered necessary in the human diet for health. According to the beliefs of the Egyptians, the tree was a symbol of abundance, with lava and the world. Its leaves were used as a wreath for the winners.

Olive oil was used in ancient Greece in religious rituals, anointing of royalty. The use of olives was known and had no less important in Israel. Fruits are used for cooking and sacrifices are prepared medicinal ointments and tinctures.

The use of olives and recognized by our contemporaries. Oliva is cultivated in the countries of the Mediterranean and West Asia, the oil is used as a skin care and hair, and the leaves are used as incense. Olive fruits are used in cooking. They are added to pizza, salads, first and second courses.

Equally appreciated olives benefits in medicine. Oil is used as a laxative and analgesic. Doctors recommend to use in case of poisoning, for the elimination of toxins. In addition, they lubricate the affected skin with eczema, insect bites or scratches. The high concentration of calcium in the fruit allows us to recommend their use to patients with osteoporosis. Due to their anti-inflammatory qualities, they are often used to treat diseases of the connective tissue and bone.

Delicacy can encompass considerable harm olives for people suffering from cholecystitis. Doctors do not advise such patients to eat the fruits of their choleretic effect. A high content of retinol in the delicacy with overeating can lead to poisoning toxins.

Harm olives from a large concentration of oil in them, is a high-calorie foods. When there is abuse of the fruit plants olives harm to people who are obese. Experts warn that the indispensable product in the diet, should eat in strictly limited quantities.

Amazing benefits and harms of olives are still the subject of discussion of scientists. Scientific experiments confirm a major role in the normalization of digestion delicacies and its ability to prevent the development of heart attack and arrhythmia. Experts also note the great features of the product for its application in cosmetology. Thanks to the essential oils, which is part of the olives, they can be successfully applied as creams removing skin irritation.

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