Benefits and harms of peaches




According to Eastern wisdom peach is a symbol of youth and longevity. In our country peach it is considered a dietary product and useful for women to bear children, and for the kids themselves.

But the benefits and harms of peaches may be on opposite the scales. The biggest advantage of peaches is, above all, in their tonic effect on the human body. This is especially important for exhausted organism diseases. peach juice helps babies born weak pretty quickly gain strength. Well he and low acidity of the stomach. You can get rid of chronic constipation, even by drinking just 50g. fresh peach juice for 15 minutes before eating.

It affects the use of peach and stone disease, because they, putting a diuretic effect, contribute to the conclusion of sand from the bladder.

The content of peaches in a large amount of potassium salts is a preventive measure in violation of the heart rate and the weakening of the heart muscle. And the presence of phosphorus and potassium has beneficial effects on the strengthening of memory, brain function, increase efficiency. Carotene improves the vessels performance and visual acuity.

Manifested use peaches and raising the level of hemoglobin in the blood. This is especially important for pregnant women and handicapped children. Vitamins C, B, A, contained in the sweet fruits, assist in strengthening the immune system, which is a huge barrier to entry into the body of infections and viruses. But it is not desirable reception peaches during inflammatory processes occurring in the body.

The constant presence of peaches in the diet makes the skin velvety, giving it a beautiful rosy hue. And in the case of sunburn excellent means of relieving pain can be a mask of finely grated flesh peach.

But if you eat this delicious fruit in unlimited quantities, you will begin to manifest itself in the form of damage to peaches digestive disorders, and circulatory system.

Harm peaches can express themselves, to use this product in the second half of the day (after 15 hours). It has a bad effect on the digestive system.

Serious consequences can bring damage to peaches for allergy sufferers and diabetics due to their content of huge amounts of carbohydrates.

As we can see the benefits and harms of peaches in equal proportions can have on the body as a positive influence and negative. This is determined, first of all, the amount eaten per day of product. It is not advisable to exceed 600g. peaches per day.

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