Benefits and harms of pomegranate juice




Even in very early times grenade eaten and used for treatment. Benefits and harms of pomegranate juice has been studied for thousands of years. There is evidence that pomegranate grown in Babylon. Luminary ancient medicine, such as Hippocrates and Avicenna recommended this fruit of their patients. First treated in this way the stomach and intestines, and the second – dysentery, sore throat, fever and bleeding.

Pomegranate juice is perhaps the most valuable among others. The benefits of pomegranate juice in its highest biological activity, which exceeds the juices from other fruits and berries. The pomegranate juice is very high content of various organic acids, which are dominated by citric acid. It was she who gives this juice a characteristic sour taste.

The obvious benefits of pomegranate juice is that it contains many amino acids are interchangeable, and essential, and in addition, it is rich in water-soluble polyphenols and sugar. This juice contains many vitamins together, including many of ascorbic acid, also contains vitamins A, E, PP and group B also features in the natural form of folic acid.
Of course, the benefits of pomegranate juice is the presence of many relevant human trace elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, potassium, and calcium in addition. Present in the juice of pomegranates pectin and tannins. Pomegranate juice is useful in that it is very easy to digest, as much as possible giving the human body all the substances contained in it.

For people who suffer from anemia, the benefits of pomegranate juice is that with it you can very well lead to normal levels of hemoglobin in the blood. For those who have trouble with edema and hypertension, this juice is good as a diuretic. Moreover, its special effect in that it does not simply washes away from the body potassium, but on the contrary, is still active and provides the patient this essential trace element, allows to get rid of edema, normalize blood pressure and promotes healing and maintaining normal heart function.

Contained in pomegranate juice polyphenols are active antioxidants. Interestingly, the use of pomegranate juice is that it is able to protect the body from free radicals is significantly more effective than many well-known products such as green tea or red wine grape. Due to these qualities, it promotes the suppression of the formation of cancerous tumors in the body and prevents their development, in particular in the case of malignant tumors in the prostate.

Unique benefits of pomegranate juice for optimal digestive system. Pomegranate juice contains a lot of pectin compounds, tannins, folacin. These substances may very well to help in case of diarrhea or inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. Pomegranate juice is effective in improving the appetite and normalize the digestive system of the person as a whole.

However, in some situations, it may occur damage to pomegranate juice. People suffering from acidity, peptic ulcers or pancreatitis pomegranate juice is contraindicated. Moreover, even healthy people should be careful to drink pomegranate juice and not to cause irritation of the digestive system, it is better to dilute it. To do this, fit a good carrot or beet juice. To most was the benefit and harm of pomegranate juice does not – it is worth remembering that in all good to have a healthy sense of proportion, which helps to extract from any product only positive effects.

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