Benefits and harms of red caviar




The eggs of salmonids is a highly concentrated source of nutrients. Delicacy is also valued by gourmets for its taste. Benefits and harms of red caviar are in its composition. In her high amount of protein, and it is vital for the child’s development and well-being of an adult.

How many of seafood, deli delicacy contains fatty acids, they are extremely important for the body. Lack or imbalance of trace elements lead to the development of asthma and cancer, cause problems with the cardiovascular system, depression and obesity.

The use of red caviar from fatty acids is to improve vision and brain function. Furthermore, its composition has lysine, he demonstrated in combination with other drugs ability to kill cancer cells, without affecting the patient.
Without a doubt, the use of red caviar on the content of vitamins B, D, A and E, making the product particularly valuable in improving the immune system. One hundred grams of a delicacy make up the daily supply of all essential human nutrients, and its constituent Acetylcholine improves our memory.

Advantages over other products and the use of red caviar is the high concentration of calcium. Its use helps to strengthen bone tissue, so a delicacy for children and pregnant women.

Furthermore, the product is extremely rich in sodium, which regulates the activity of the kidneys and has vasodilating properties.

The debate among scientists about the negative effects on the seafood due to the ability of fish to accumulate harmful substances in water, carried out more than a year. Of course, the possible harm to the red caviar, if the fish is mined in environmentally disadvantaged areas. Warnings of experts on the content of mercury in seafood, mainly deal with swordfish, mackerel and shark. The lowest content of toxins, according to experts, different salmon, and thus harm caviar from accumulated chemical compounds is minimal.

But there is harm to the red caviar, which causes the limit consumption of this wonderful delicacy. In the process of cooking uses a lot of salt, which is when the product is overeating leads to impaired renal function.

Gorgeous, delicate appetizer centuries is a favorite dish on the table in many nations of the world. Benefits and harms of caviar were well known to the ancient tribes of Indians, they used a delicacy to restore reproductive function. In addition delicacy prized as an excellent aphrodisiac, unfortunately, it is not always available to gourmets because of its high cost.

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