Deauville is one of the most famous climatic resorts in France. It is located in th west of the city of Le Havre, on the coast of the English Channel. Deauville was built in the 19th century to the court of Napoleon III, and today it is a fashionable seaside resort, where among other things, conducted a major festival of American cinema, as well as the World Championship Tennis. It is important for fans of equestrian sports to mention that it is in the resort of Deauville runs the country’s largest auction horses.

However, in this article Deauville will be treated primarily as a health resort, which, thanks to its mild maritime climate, sandy beaches, proximity of the sea came to the world level among the most popular spa resorts.

So, let’s talk first about the climate. It is really very soft, thanks to the warm ocean breeze, which saves guests of the resort from the heat in summer. The best time to visit the resort this July-September. Autumn is not less attractive than, for example the summer, as there remains a warm summer weather, and you can continue to take a sunbath (although swimming is not recommended). But it does not matter, in Deauville, built a large number of pools for all tastes: from the sea and fresh water.

The resort Deauville is a major thalassotherapy institute «Algotherm», which is ready to offer its guests a complete set of treatments based on the use of natural marine products (for the most part, of course, algae). In addition, the Institute is a manufacturer of its own cosmetics line.

The main medical indications for treatment at the resort is primarily a variety of functional disorders of the nervous system. There is also developed unique programs for weight loss, anti-aging, as well as special courses for young mothers.

The most popular thalassotherapy Center “Algotherm” are different types of massage (Shiatsu, reflexogen foot massage and head massage, Thai massage, massage with essential oils), baths, application of seaweed and mud, cryotherapy, sauna, for deep skin cleaning programs others. Also, the center has its own indoor swimming pool (50 m) with heated sea water, a gym, a beauty salon, as well as dietary restaurant. The main center of the program: health-building, weight loss, anticellulitis, tired feet, east, expectant mother, postpartum.

Guests thalassotherapy center “Algotherm” can always consult a nutritionist to pass.

The resort is characterized by the fact that there are luxury hotels (no wonder it is the place chosen by many world movie stars and other stars of show business). The best resort hotels found Hotel Royal, Hotel Normandy, Hotel du Golf. Accommodation in these hotels – quite expensive, but it is still an order of magnitude lower than in the same class hotels in Paris or Cannes. In addition to luxury hotel resort boasts invested in state of the art sports center and tennis courts. There is also a well-known and “Casino”, which is the night life center of the resort.

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