Exercise for pectoral muscles at home for men and women

Exercise for pectoral



Exercises at home breast for men and women, wide grip Pushups It’s all the usual kind of push-ups. He uniformly loads the entire breast. The width of the grip should be about two width of your shoulders. No need to arrange them too widely, because it will reduce the range of motion, and thus the load. Important! To load was the maximum – dilute elbows to the sides, and keep the body stretched in one line. Do not lower the pelvis low or too high. Your body should be a straight line. Breathing classic – inhale and exhale on the lowering on the rise. Pushups with stands This type of push-ups allows you to lower down, which in turn allows more to stretch the pectoral muscle. Options can be 2. In the first case on the stand you put your hands only. In the second case, you put hands and feet on the base. The height must not be too large. Suffice it to 10-20 cm. The reverse push-ups or push-ups with the rise of the legs or pelvis up when we pump through the chest at home, you need to evenly develop all parts of the pectoral muscles. This form will allow you to work the muscles of the upper section. It is the slope of this helps. It’s like the lift on an incline bench at the gym. It is possible to achieve tilting, lifting the pelvis (lightweight version) or feet on the rise (complex version). This stand should be as high as possible. In some cases, people even use the wall. It looks like push-ups, standing on his hands, but with slope. Pushups standing on the hands with a slope Important! Stand should be high, you need to keep the body straight. Narrow grip Pushups This exercise in addition to the pectoral muscles is strongly involved triceps. This “home” analogue bench narrow grip barbell. So, leave it at the end of the workout. Otherwise, you load the triceps and perform other exercises will be more difficult. Hands should be either close or at a distance slightly narrower shoulders. Hands pressed to each side (do not need to place as a wide enough), flat body (the pelvis is not raised and not lowered). Push-hand shops behind Another exercise that is more aimed at the elaboration of the triceps, but also suitable for loading the upper chest. Like the previous one, it is an exercise best left to the end of the workout. You can not stand under the legs or her. Better still with her. Stand height should be the same, which will be your hands. For this exercise on the chest in the home the chairs are perfect. If you carry it too easily, the men can put themselves in the foot something of heavy, such as a bag with books or anything of your choice. The program on the chest at home We have considered 5 different types of push-ups and now need to figure out how to combine them. Here is a versatile on the chest at home program that can serve as a basis for drawing up your personal. It will help you pump up the house chest. We take as the basis of training 3 days.
1 day carry out a minimum of 4 sets of 10-20 push-ups and wide grip 3-4 sets as much time out of the hand behind the bench.
2 hours ago 4 sets of 10-20 times with the stand and push back the same amount (with the rise of the pelvis or legs).
3 day Pushups narrow grip on 10-20
4, and the same approach in the slope (on the stand feet). It is important that when we shake our breasts at home, you must observe the regime. You can not give yourself concessions or breaks debts. It is not recommended to practice every day. Muscles still need time to recover and grow. Rusty muscles will be due to the large number of reps per set. This is the mode most favorable for the growth of muscle mass. And at some point vybudete perform them with ease, but did not recommend that you increase the number of repetitions. It is better to find a way of weighting, for example, to put on the shoulders of a heavy backpack. Or, if you have a younger brother, sister, or your child, ask him to sit on you. Only the optimal number of repetitions (10-20) and the weighting will help you to effectively build muscle mass.

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