Exercises for buttocks

Exercises for buttocks







Romanian thrust thrust on straight legs
This is a basic exercise for the buttocks, which is equally popular among both men and women. But because of the specific exercises (study of the gluteal muscles) still increasing popularity it enjoys among the fairer sex. Dead Rod considered the most effective exercise for the buttocks. It works out to a greater extent extensor back, gluteus maximus, flexor (biceps) hip. To a lesser extent involved trapezius muscles, rhomboid muscles and round. Exercise would “build-up meat” to make more voluminous buttocks and “meaty”. It is worth noting that the complexity of the exercise is sufficiently high. Technique Romanian (dead) traction guys need to do up to 12 reps 3 times. Weight – 20-40 kg. (Prepared for). Girls up to 12 repetitions 3-4 times. Weight – 15-20 kg. (Prepared for). Be sure before you perform the exercises you need to warm up and stretch your muscles well. From classic deadlift traction on straight legs longer carries the load on the glutes. Despite the name, it is assumed that the knees are slightly bent. Post put on the floor (or dumbbell) is not necessary. At the lowest point of the back should be straight and parallel form. Features traction on straight legs – This exercise will allow the maximum load of the buttocks and back of thighs. – The more bent legs, the more involved the buttocks and straighter than they are, the greater the back of the thigh. Keep the legs are not completely straight recommended because it creates a large load on the hamstrings. – Exercise can be performed with dumbbells. For girls more acceptable that option. It will allow much lower bend, but will not take a big weight that girls in general, and do not need. – If you have back pain, before performing the exercises must be VERY WELL exercise and make at least three approaches hyperextension or no carry.

Squats – exercises for buttocks
Squats – all bases base for those who want to pump up the ass or selects the most effective exercises for the buttocks. Depending on the technology implementation may better load a particular muscle group, for example, to pump the buttocks, it is necessary to crouch below and to study quadriceps fall so low is not necessary. For girls it is best to start from scratch neck. Do not forget to carry out exercises before performing the workout. In the future, you can use the following guidelines. For beginners, the best will be the next weight and number of repetitions: guys – operating weight of 20-30 kg, 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps; girls – warm with a blank stamp, then 10-15 kg, 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions. What muscles swing during squats: Maximum load: the gluteus maximus – is responsible for the “meatiness” and the volume of the buttocks. Additional load: the back and inner thighs. The difficulty of this exercise for the buttocks – high. Gluteus – Basic rules and nuances of the art of the exercise load can be distributed depending on the width of foot. If you put your feet narrow, it will be used to the full front of the thigh. If you put a foot wide, the work joins the inner surface of the thigh. Ideally, perform squats need, keeping the heel on the floor even in the lowest point of the squat. If you do well, did not get to avoid this, you can put anything under the heel. For example, a piece of rubber or pancakes. But only if not otherwise obtained. To pump up the ass you need to crouch as low as possible. In the classical technique of execution of this exercise for the buttocks recommend that the lowest point was there where the legs form a parallel with the floor. We advise to squat so. To ass was just below the knee. Keep the knees looked to where look and socks, that is, slightly deployed in hand. The main mistake of all beginners – they start during squats reduce knees together or send them in.

Bench with one foot – one of the basic exercises to work out the hamstring and gluteal muscles. If you do not know how to pump up the ass, if there are problems with the loin (you can not do squats), then this exercise is just for you. Its beauty is that due to the simulator you shoot the entire load to the waist and fully translate its feet. Since we are talking about how to pump up the buttocks, you should immediately be noted that this exercise is very important staging feet. In order to load a large gluteal muscle, you need to put the foot closer to the upper edge of the platform. If you move the foot down, the load will be transferred to the quadriceps. Below is pictured working muscles. Femur Chetyrehglvaya thigh muscle (quadriceps) Gluteus How many times do the novice girls – 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Weight 15-20 kg guys – 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Weight 25-35 kg.

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