The best exercises for your back




Description muscle group
The principal muscle groups of the back – trapezius, rhomboid and latissimus. Trapezius muscle runs from the external occipital projection head to the blades, responsible for bringing it close to the spine and shoulder blades, as well as their rotation.
Latissimus dorsi runs from the spine to the humerus and provides a variety of tightening the torso and shoulder movement. Rhomboid muscles located under the trapezius muscle and has a plate shape.
The best exercises for your back
The most important exercise, without which it can not rise back muscles include pull-ups, deadlifts and pull rods to the belt in the slope. Pull-ups are an exercise, directly affecting the increase in the width of the back.
Deadlift is working fascia and longitudinal back muscles, substantially increasing their mass;
rod thrust to the belt to engage the rhomboid and latissimus dorsi, it is also responsible for increasing the size and scope of the muscles.
How to build broad back?
FitSeven mentioned that the first exercise to create a broad back is tightening. The increasing complexity of variation, allowing the use of more weight is the thrust of the upper block sitting simplified – pulling in “Gravitrone”.
Using counterweight simulator “Gravitron” allows you to catch up with a lower weight, which is important for those who are not able to do the exercise with the weight of his body. In addition, beginners can use the pull-enabled trainer.
Security basics
Since most of the exercises to work out back muscles exert pressure on the spine, errors technology and the use of too much weight are fraught with displacement of the vertebrae, a pinched nerve and herniated discs.
Before starting a workout warm up muscles using warm-up, during exercise, make sure that your spine is not bent, the back was straight and his shoulders straightened. Try to observe the trough back in the mirror.
Help for back pain
A back injury resulting from incorrect training can be divided into two types, requiring medical advice and do not require it. If you feel a sharp pain, not self-medicate and always consult a doctor.
If you feel that you are only slightly pulled muscle, use ointments based ketoprofen (brand “Fastumgel” and others), as well as refer to a sports masseur. Remember that this massage is very useful for muscle growth.
Features of training on a horizontal bar
Properly performed on the horizontal bar pull-ups are a great way to develop the back muscles. Standard practice involves 25 repetitions, the use of different types of grips and a steady increase in the number of approaches.
Begin to catch up with one approach, conventional grip (palm facing down), increase the number of sets of five, and then enter a reverse grip (palm facing up). Then vary the width of the Hands of the narrow to wide.
Training back to girls
Since the broad back for the girls is more minuses than pluses, pulling and other extending back exercise is better to exclude. Training for women should be directed primarily at strengthening the muscular frame body and back.

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