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The creators of fashion bows Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and other celebrities share their beauty secrets.
Hollywood star should always look attractive, and this helps them a whole team of stylists, makeup artists and beauticians. These people with the responsibility approach to their work and carefully think through every image of the star to the smallest detail. They more than anyone else know all the beauty secrets of celebrities, as well as how to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses celebrities.
Star aides rarely reveal the secrets of the work with the wards, but some famous stylists and makeup artists are happy to share their beauty secrets, proven to Hollywood divah!
The secret beauty of the famous stylist Ken Paves: trendy “ponytail” like Jennifer Lopez
The famous stylist Ken Paves, working with Jennifer Lopez and other Hollywood stars, happy that the women finally appreciated minimalism and natural hairstyles.
“One of the most simple and stylish haircuts – a” pony tail “, which now has become not only convenient sportswear and casual hairstyle, but it is appropriate to look at the red carpet. My beauty secret is simple: Make high sleek ponytail at the top of the head, securing it with a varnish, and you can be sure – your image will be perfect for many hours. ”
If you do not want to completely open person, choose another stylish option “horse’s tail”, which will suit your face shape.
The secret of the beauty of the famous beautician Rene Roulea: glowing skin without greasy like Vanessa Hudgens
Radiant skin is like Vanessa Hudgens looks very sexy! The famous star beautician Rene Roulea (Renee Rouleau) shares her beauty secret is to make the skin look perfect all day long: “In order to achieve the effect of skin radiance without unpleasant greasy, always carry a matting facial tissues – they will be removed once sebum and give fresh face. If they did not have on hand, use ordinary paper towels. Gently apply to the face cloth, blot the skin, and then use the powder with shiny particles. ”
The secret of the beauty of the famous stylist Ted Gibson: trendy “bean” like Brooklyn Decker
Haircut “Bob” never loses its relevance, but the famous stylist Ted Gibson (Ted Gibson) suggests paying attention to the option that he has created for Brooklyn Decker.
“Such a” bean “- very fashionable and sexy hairstyle. The secret of its beauty lies in the multi-layer, soft lines framing the face and a slightly shortened from behind her hair. If you want to make the same fashionable haircut, remember that the structure, length and shape – these are the components that make it a modern and elegant. ”
The secret of the beauty of the famous makeup artist Brett Freedman: perfect tone like Selena Gomez
Make-up artist Selena Gomez, and other famous film stars Brett Friedman (Brett Freedman) opened his own secret to beautiful skin. He recommends adding a drop of aloe juice to the foundation or base under makiyazhpered applying these tools to the skin.
“The new formula will give a matte effect, a beautiful shade and a little glow. In addition, you can simply wipe the face of aloe pulp and apply foundation, while the skin is still wet. ”
Use this technique and perfect skin tone like Selena Gomez is provided to you!
The secret of the beauty of the famous makeup artist Tina Ternbou: vibrant look like Rihanna
Color Eyeliner – that’s one of the main secrets of the beauty of the famous makeup artist Tina Ternbou (Tina Turnbow).
“To make the eyes visually bigger and expressive look, use colored eyeliner. Change the boring black on plum, blue or olive shade, and you’ll be surprised how much will transform your look!
Singer Rihanna loves bright eyeliner or a combination of color and black at the same time. If you are not ready for such vivid experiments, try brown eyeliner – it will soften the look a bit. “