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Regular exercise significantly accelerate the process of burning excess fat, the body heals and maintain muscle tone. For weight loss is recommended to perform a complex of only ten exercises designed to train various muscle groups.
Exercise for weight loss should be done in conjunction with a healthy diet and the use of natural metabolism boosters. Before the start of training are encouraged to consult with their physician to avoid possible complications.

Performing a set of exercises to lose weight, you must follow certain rules in order to avoid injury and increase the effectiveness of training.

Terms of training:

– Regularity. For beginners it is recommended to perform exercises to lose weight two or three times a week for 25 minutes, gradually increasing the employment rate up to five times a week, and their duration – up to an hour.
– Clothing. For sports activities best suited clothing made from natural fabrics, does not restrict movement. On the feet – light breathable sneakers.
– The room. If the training takes place at home, in front of her beginning ventilate the room and remove all objects that may interfere. When you select the fitness room is necessary to take into account the availability of modern exercise equipment, and the opportunity to do under supervision of an experienced coach.
– The order of training. Each session should begin with a warm-up warming up complex and end of static stretching.
– Food. The last meal should be no later than two hours before the start of training. After it is also recommended for some time to refrain from eating.


Exercise №1: kick their feet

Effectively burn body fat on the hips kick their feet forward, backward and sideways. To perform the exercise you need to stand up straight, one hand for support. Straight leg must be lifted forward, backward, or perpendicular to the side, keeping body and being careful not to bend the knee.

Exercise №2: squats

This is a basic exercise for losing weight and strengthening the legs. Starting position – feet shoulder width apart, arms stretched forward, shoulders back. Bend the legs so your thighs are parallel to the floor, keeping your back straight, your knees should not extend beyond your toes. Slowly stand up, straining buttocks.

Exercise №3: attacks

Proper and regular performance of this sports reception can effectively form the legs and buttocks, sparing them from cellulite.

Starting position – standing, body straight, back straight. One foot to take a step forward so that the heel was on the line with his knee back foot. To fall down to the hind leg knee almost touched the floor.

With the power to straighten the front leg and return to starting position. To complicate the exercise, you can take in each hand dumbbell.

Exercise №4: exercises for the upper press

In the supine position fix the feet and bend your knees. Raising the trunk so that the blades off the floor, reaching out to the knees. For greater effect, you can do curling – to try to touch the left elbow right knee hands and vice versa.

Exercise №5: exercises for the lower press

With this exercise, you can get rid of excess centimeters at the waist and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Lying on his back to pull his hands behind his head and take on a heavy stationary object such as a table leg or a sofa. On the exhale, lift the straight leg as high as possible, then lower, not touching the floor.

Exercise №6: gymnastic hoop

Hulahup reduces subcutaneous fat layer in the stomach and waist and performs soft massage internal organs, improves peristalsis. Spin gymnastic hoop should be at least 10-15 minutes continuously.

Exercise №7: jumping rope

At the heart of this exercise for weight loss – aerobic exercise, excellent coaching muscular and respiratory systems, stimulating the metabolism and burn calories. The duration of jumps should be increased from 5-10 to 30-60 minutes. You can jump on two feet, to alternate legs, jumping back and forth.

Exercise №8: dumbbells for tricep

The fitness complex diet can not do without power exercises. To make a beautiful shape hand, will need dumbbells. Lift the straight arm with a dumbbell upwards and slide the brush back – to shoulder, leaving the top of the elbow. Doing approaches, alternately bend and straighten the arm.

Exercise №9: scissors

Starting position – reclining on his back, resting his elbows on the floor. Raise the straightened legs and cross them one by one, trying to keep the weight as much as possible.

Exercise №10: bike

Lying on his back to pull his hands along the body. Raise your legs and do their circular motion, imitating the rotation of the bicycle pedal. You start with two sets of ten repetitions, increasing the number of repetitions to 20.

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