Top 10 of my exercises in the gym




1. The bench press
“What you harvest lying?” – The classic question during a discussion of achievements in the gym, which is not surprising. One of the basic exercises that determine the overall effect, in addition to squat and deadlift. And this is one of the few exercises that remains a favorite after years of training. True, I did not answer the above question in its traditional form, “How many times you press on?”. It has long been at times do not work, mainly adhere to the number of repetitions in the range of 8 to 15. In addition, the classic bench press strength by doing once a month. The rest of the time more than working with a dumbbell in the simulator and Smith at different angles of inclination of the bench, in the crossover and parallel bars. Personally simple bench press is not very effective for me, work more shoulders than the pectoral muscles. In general, the operating weight is 100-110 kg boom 8-12 times in 3-4 basic approaches. Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite exercises.
Dame one piece of advice that I personally helped a little to relieve shoulders when performing bench press lying. Squeeze the shoulder blades together, then the shoulders are fixed. Incidentally, this technique powerlifting exercise, excluding the bridge. Him I do not use, as it reduces the amplitude of the movement and facilitates the exercise and for muscle growth just need the maximum amplitude of movement. Again, much depends on the structure and how the muscles are attached. What is good for one person may not work for another. Therefore, working with weights – it is an individual sport in which there is no universal advice. All you need to try for yourself and choose the most effective exercises and principles.
It should also be noted that as such unloved exercises I have not. There are simple exercises that must be met and that work for me, and there are those that like most and performed with great pleasure.
2. Dumbbell bench press lying
Frankly, in the past I dumbbell chest muscles were hardly have loaded, considering it a useless exercise. When started with the coach, he served on the machine, they say, should be it. But gradually I began to really feel the work of infants, and much better than during the regime of the bar. Especially popular options with different angles of inclination of the bench (30 °, 45 °, sometimes upside down).
Actually the main progress in the appearance of infants (especially in the upper part, the so-called “collar”) happened thanks to work with dumbbells. This also add not only the presses but also the layout of dumbbells. The reason is simple – with bench dumbbell amplitude is greater, plus your hands are not fixed, move freely and I can make it work just the pectoral muscles, rather than the delta, while the pole, they are fixed in a single plane, and there is already restricted in favor of my building joints and especially muscle attachment.
3. Reduction in the hands of the crossover
This exercise is not recommended for beginners. They do better to focus on the basic movements. But I highly recommend advanced comrades who wish to give a definite shape to their breast. The reduction of the hands in the crossover (the movement from top to bottom), rises hands (from the bottom up to the lower units), lying information – all of these exercises allow perfectly trimmed chest, outline them and to give athletic form. It is important to feel that you are working it is breast, not your hands or something. The elbows movement not only use the breast, especially trying to stretch them. If at the end of the exercise there is a burning sensation in the target muscle group, it means that everything is OK – pumped breast and not understand that.
The good work in the crossover in comparison with a barbell or dumbbells, so the fact that the muscles are constantly under stress, including at the point of the exercise, ie at the peak contraction. In turn, during the bench press or dumbbell, when the arms are straightened completely, the load of the muscle goes into the joints. That is why some athletes do not work at full amplitude and completely straightened arms. Or, clearly controlling muscle strain at the top of their own, but it’s not easy, you need a lot of practice. Incomplete amplitude may apply and less experienced person, but, as you know, the smaller the amplitude, the worse for the development of the target muscle. The problem – the maximum stretch and make the most of its cut, which is impossible when working in the partial amplitude.
4. curls in a crossover
Almost a classic exercise for biceps with the exception that instead of the rod I use a block. Exactly same reason as described above in the exercises in the crossover – a constant load on the target muscle, including at peak contraction. It is important in the process of implementation not move torso, and work only with hands, putting his elbows a little forward and fixing them in space.
Also I love to perform lifting on biceps crossover sitting, elbows on his knees. A kind of analogue of the curls on the bench by Scott.
5. curls with dumbbells grip “hammer”
I do not know why, but just love this exercise, train brachialis. This shoulder muscle that runs between the biceps and triceps. It is partly responsible for the peak of the biceps, as if pushing his hands under stress in a bent condition. More often than not do it sitting, with a focus elbows. Sometimes I work standing up, but in this case it is necessary in particular to control the elbow, so that they do not move.
6. Dilution of dumbbells in hand
For a long time, with training, to be precise, the pumped deltoid muscles had a problem – did not grow in any. However, of the exercises I did for them only the classics, such as lifting dumbbells up, “Arnold regime” or weight bench barbell up sitting and standing. Visible results achieved, including a program of breeding different kinds of dumbbells to the side: sitting, standing, lying on his stomach, plus lifting dumbbells forward. Also added other exercises, including the rise of the bar or in front of the unit, the disc rotation and a few others. But the most popular is the breeding of dumbbells in hand.
It is worth noting that a rather complex exercise and use a lot of weight when it is running is not necessary. It is important to feel the target muscle strain and it is the delta, but not the back, arms or something. Pull up the necessary elbows, imagining, like pour out water from two jugs with water. According to the description everything seems to be easy, but learned to feel the muscle working with dumbbells I have a few months. The most important thing – do not chase the big weights, they are not needed in these exercises, and can only hurt, completely smash technique execution.
Another factor that helped me personally in training deltas (and hands), was the change in training split. Previously, he was a classic – three times a week to exercise these muscle groups:
Legs and triceps.
The back and shoulders.
Chest and biceps.
As you know, after a heavy leg workout was no longer up to triceps force something at the end, and I was a potboiler. Similarly, and with the training of the back, especially if included heavy exercises like the deadlift. Yes, and for the full exercise of deltas need to pump all three beams separately (back, middle and front). Of course, to do that, too, failed.
As a result, I added another training day and scattered shoulders workout for the whole week. The result was a split on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, respectively (the other days – rest):
Legs (4-5 exercises).
Spina (4 exercises) and the rear delta (it works in all the exercises traction on the back, so that is enough to finish it a couple of movements).
Breast (4 exercises) and front delta (similar – in regimes exercise works the front part of the delta, so that in the end only a couple of movements in 3-4 sets of 12 times to get a good effect).
Biceps and triceps, plus the average delta.
Maybe someone will be useful in my experience, plus do not forget that from time to time the training program should be changed, amazing body, the muscles and giving additional impetus to the adaptation and growth. I personally think the winter to do specialization in hand. I would like to “banks” more.
7. Link to the breast unit
Another technically rather complex exercise. At least for me. Only when started with the coach realized that in the past I was pulling block hands, not your back. And as I understand? It’s very simple: no matter how much did this exercise in the past, the next day or two hands ached, not spin. Or it did not hurt that happened often. It is very seldom that I felt it back. When really I learned to work in the correct amplitude and pull it back, after each workout delayed onset muscle soreness felt where necessary.
To perform the exercise correctly, you should try to pull your elbows down and not bend your elbows. Imagine that your hands – it’s just the hooks and pull block it elbows.
By the way, to the wide grip pull-ups apply the same rule – the body by raising the back, and not the hands. But if the goal – training biceps, you can pull up and handed themselves to the bar, but then should change the grip. In the case of unit work better back only. Specifically, for the arm muscles is weak load more entering the ligaments and tendons.
Naturally, I performed in the upper and middle part of the back and a lot of other exercises, but the most popular is a different sort of thrust blocks.
8. Deadlift
That honestly – have never liked this exercise did because “it is necessary”. But clearly something did not go very well, because often after their heroic attacks on the impressive weight I received minor injuries in the lumbar spine. There were no doctors, but the joy of such adventures delivered little. For a long time even I avoided doing deadlifts, blaming her for their problems, but in fact it was necessary to do it correctly and not break on the weight.
In the end, he returned to this exercise, and that it has helped to solve the problem of lower back (often aching), plus an active workout press, a simple morning exercises for the back and another exercise which below.
Roughly speaking, I started all over again, ie with minimum weights, pre-learning technique of the exercise. It is important that the bar during the entire movement was next to the feet, plus, it is necessary to control the lower back – is to be sagging. In no case can not hump back, in which case the load falls directly on the spine, which is fraught with injuries. If you take the bar from the feet forward, it also creates an extra and unnecessary burden on the waist.
When I started doing the exercise correctly, could very well strengthen the extensor muscles of the back, plus stopped whining back. Although, everything is affected in a complex, of course.
9. Hyperextensions
This second exercise, which allowed well to strengthen the back, and is used to effect the eternal problems with the loin, I avoided doing. Again, it is important to monitor when the lower back, bend and unbend gradually, at the top of the arc does not bend. In the starting position back completely flat, not curved arc, but in this situation it is necessary to go back and in extension. Legs at the same must be flat and not bend at the knees.
I do hyperextension one or two times a week with weights. Pancakes keep ourselves on poluvytyanutyh hands, I feel so comfortable than squeezing them to the breast or positioned on the back. Highly recommend this exercise to strengthen the back extensor and girls, it is also useful to train the buttocks.
10. Extension of legs in the simulator
Squats, I did not like, and in general lower body workout – not the most exciting activity for me, but the leg extension very much. Basically, I use it either as a warm-up and pre-exercise before tiring heavier movements, like the same squat or leg press. Or, as finally pushing for quadriceps after a hard workout it. In both cases, the effect is great. In the first – exercise reduces the working weight in complex exercises, without losing their effectiveness. In the second – to pump more blood into the muscle, and finally its exhaust. Work out at 110%, so to speak.
In the past, exactly Leg Extension helped me to return to the active development of these muscles. When just beginning to engage with the coach, just shlopotal slight sprain or ligament inflammation just below the knee and leg exercise even abandoned because of the pain. But on the advice and under the supervision of a coach, nicely extension followed by work with small weights on his feet helped to solve this problem within a month. But before that he tormented her for three or four months, having tried on doctor’s counsel and any ointment, and an elastic bandage, and the rest, and other “poultice”.
So, if there is discomfort in the knees when performing heavy exercise, do not forget about a good warm-up and try to pre-bore leg extension. More help lifter bandages.
That such is my Top 10 exercises in the gym. I understand that it was not the usual set as favorite for exercise. But we are all different, each with its own way of training and self-development. The subject is vast, so share your own sets of exercises and training experiences in the comments.

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