10 effective diets for quick weight loss


One of the fastest diets, weight loss technique, which is used by the stars of the red carpet. The secret slimming celebrities – for you.

What a wonderful name! It seems to have him one start to lose weight. Turns into a slender beauty with tanned screen. Diet really connected with Hollywood. It is consulted by and is still used by many celebrities Hills Star: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, Nicole Kidman, and not only. So, losing weight is the star in two weeks.

What is the highlight.

“Gollivudka” aimed at reducing the consumption of fats, carbohydrates and calories in general. Prohibited products a dime a dozen. We’ll have to give up salt. Excess liquid will go very quickly. Forget about all the possible forms of sugar, including those included in the product. Alcohol will also have to be crossed out. He weighty calories and fueling appetite. In favor foods that are high in protein: eggs, fish, meat. In slimming diet must also enter the fruit and vegetables low in carbohydrates. It is necessary to drink plenty of water (1.5 liters per day) to help the body cleanse.
In the end of the day you will receive 600-800 calories. Extremely poorly even for sedentary. Weight loss is inevitable, and quite sharp. For this reason, nutritionists strongly recommend not to sit on the Hollywood diet for more than two weeks and not repeat it more than three or four times a year.Supply system.

In fact, “gollivudka” was conceived as an unbalanced, restrictive, quick but tasty diet. In its original menu included foods such as oysters or pineapple. For wealthy regulars red carpet sheer happiness. Many Russians would gladly have given up cakes for luxury marine reptiles and fruits of paradise. Good to lose weight – just a dream. But our less fortunate compatriots. Fresh edible oysters you will not find in the afternoon with fire. Therefore, “gollivudki” menu is slightly adapted to local realities. Replace some products similar to the ratio of nutrients and calories, and has turned out not such a happy picture.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Diet is extremely tough. Such a low daily intake of calories will inevitably impact on health. Try not to get involved in a fight and beat the dishes while you lose weight. Try as much as possible to reduce all activity – force will not be enough.
Another shortcoming – all known issues with the rejection of salt and sugar. The menu is quite monotonous. Do not forget about vitamins.
Positively one in Hollywood diet: fast and impressive results.Results.

Two weeks to “gollivudke” lose weight by about 10 kg. What weight will take forever or at least for a long time, there is no guarantee.Comment nutritionist.

Hollywood diet is not consistent with the principles of good nutrition. This is one of embodiments of low-calorie diets, obesity is not critical in general. If you have just extra 5-6 kg, you can starve to “gollivudke,” but you know, the weight will come back plus a couple of months. By the way, Nicole Kidman has neve.

 2) Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss: two choices!
Cabbage Soup Diet for weight loss is by far one of the most popular systems for weight loss. Such a diet may be based on the dishes of cabbage in unlimited quantities or at a special cabbage soup. In any case – this diet is a low calorie, and visible results in its observance can be expected within a week.
Cabbage Soup Diet Diet №1
Cabbage Diet Secret Diet is that it is easy to carry – eat cabbage, you can at any time and in any quantity. As is known, cabbage – very satisfying product, but at a certain culinary talent from it can be cooked many different dishes: stew, soup, vegetables, stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut, salads and more. . Etc. By itself, cabbage – very useful and valuable product: it inhibits the formation of tumors is useful in diabetes, problems with the liver and kidneys. For those who have been selected to itself a diet for weight loss, there is also good news – Cabbage has a low caloric content, but good saturates and contains a lot of fiber and vitamins. In the diet, you can use any type of cabbage – cabbage, Brussels, Beijing, cauliflower and broccoli – and combinations thereof.
Menu cabbage diet for weight loss №1 consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast you should drink green tea or coffee (without sugar). For lunch – cook cabbage salad with carrots, seasoned 1ch.l. olive oil. To cabbage can add up to 200g of boiled or steamed meat, chicken or fish. For dinner, eat a salad of fresh or sauerkraut. Permission is granted to add 1 ½ quail or chicken boiled eggs and fruit (except bananas and grapes). Two hours before bedtime drink 1 cup of nonfat yogurt. Such a diet can be followed for 7-10 days, you can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight.
Cabbage Soup Diet Diet №2
Another very popular cabbage diet for weight loss based on cabbage soup. Such a diet brings good results, but stick to it can be difficult for those who got used to the menu diversity. However, in addition to the soup diet menu also includes fruit and boiled meat, so it may well be under your power. Cabbage soup is also possible to eat in any amount.
Soup for the cabbage diet for weight loss includes the following ingredients: cabbage – 500g carrot – 5 pcs, onion – 5 pieces, pepper – 2 pieces, tomato – 2 pieces, celery stalks – 4 units….. brown rice – 100g salt.
With any of the Cabbage Soup Diet, and with the help of a brush lettuce diet you can achieve good results. But we should not abuse the diet, to repeat them too often, or to comply with them more than the recommended time – it can adversely affect your health.
3) The Japanese diet for 7 days!
In Asia rare to find a woman who is overweight. What is the secret of Asian women? In a special microclimate? Heredity? Maybe in a particular Asian cuisine? In any case, you can always use the developed Japanese diet for 7 days, and lose weight in the east.
Lose weight in Japanese or minus 5 kg for 7 days.
The Japanese diet for 7 days (as well as similar to her Japanese diet 14 days) is very effective – it not only allows you to get rid of the five extra kilos, but also to keep the result, with due observance of the diet up to three years. The main restrictions in the Japanese diet – for dessert, flour, fat and salt. If 7 days after the release of the Japanese diet to adhere to the same principles on which it is based, that the lost weight will not return to you.
The Japanese diet for 7 days is very easy to comply with, but requires you to strict adherence of all its provisions. To the Japanese diet for 7 days did not become a torture for you, soak it in the style of oriental culture. Eat with chopsticks, east listen to music, watching movies, and so Asian.? D. So the Japanese diet for 7 days, you will find much more interesting to observe than any other similar diet.
In order to properly “enter” in the Japanese diet for 7 days, one day before its start, limit himself to the use of salt and meat, lean on vegetables and unpolished rice boiled, and drink a day not less than 1.5 liters of water.
The Japanese diet for 7 days, characterized in that the result obtained in the form of lost 5-7 kilograms will not be returned, as it happens after compliance with other diets. Also, after the release of this diet you will feel that your taste preferences have changed, but the appetite has become much smaller. Just do not forget every day, even after the release of the Japanese diet for 7 days to drink a day at least 1.5 liters of water.
4) Buckwheat diet: advantages, disadvantages, prescriptions and prohibitions.
Buckwheat diet will not only ensure the loss of extra kilos, but also affect the body safely. After all, this cereal is rich in fiber, which effectively removes toxins and excess water. Therefore, buckwheat diet often refers not only to methods for weight loss, but also to detox diets.
Features and principles of buckwheat diet
Buckwheat diet is based, it is not difficult to guess on buckwheat diet, rich in nutrients – it contains vitamins B and P, which are involved in the metabolism and absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, phosphorus, iodine. For this, and not only buckwheat diet is considered the most useful and balanced. Most often, this technique is used as a mono-diet to help lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins and the so-called “food waste”.
We must be prepared to ensure that the weight loss will begin immediately, since buckwheat is rich in carbohydrates. How quickly the kilos will go, if you stick to this diet depends on the initial weight of the index. The more it is, the greater the loss in kilograms in the first days of the diet. Buckwheat week can provide a loss of up to 10 kilograms in a week.
There are several advantages of buckwheat diet – thanks to the wealth of vitamins and minerals, your hair, nails and skin will not be affected during the diet. Also, the amount of buckwheat, eaten per day at mono-diet is not limited. So theoretically, there is every chance to avoid starvation. Basic restrictions and assumptions are as follows:
you can not eat 5 hours before bedtime;be sure to drink water in large quantities;with a strong hunger or in the event of constipation in an hour before bedtime can drink 1 cup of low-fat yogurt;buckwheat is better not to cook, and zaparivat no added salt, spices, milk, butter and sauces;in addition to water you can drink unsweetened green tea.
If you feel unwell, headaches, or lethargy, it is possible to cook and drink a decoction of the following – water mixed with 200g 1ch.l. honey that will provide entry of glucose into the body, but do not slow down the process of losing weight.
Drink before you need one and a half liters of fluid per day. An exemplary power supply circuit during the day might look like this:
morning: a decoction of water and honey and two slices of lemon;

30 minutes: a portion of buckwheat porridge, unsweetened tea;

lunch: a portion of buckwheat porridge, not sweet tea, water;

5 hours before sleep: a portion of buckwheat porridge, unsweetened tea, water.
Recipes: How to cook buckwheat?
According buckwheat cereal diet is necessary to insist in hot water rather than boiled, it is better to retain all the nutrients. For this evening 200g cereal and pour 0.5 liters of hot boiling water, leave for the night, the morning meal is ready. If the dealer has not absorbed all the water, then pour off the remains. According to buckwheat diet has such a mess should be no salt, sugar, spices and sauces. This is a classic version of the buckwheat diet, but there are also softer options:
Buckwheat porridge plus yogurt – the day you eat 200 grams of buckwheat and kefir can drink no more than half a liter, buckwheat eat in the main meals and yogurt drink in between and an hour before bedtime;

Buckwheat porridge with the addition of dried fruits. The day allowed to eat 200-300g buckwheat, pre-infused to the consistency of porridge with the addition of 150g of dried fruits. This porridge should be divided evenly on all meals. Again, not the 5 hours before bedtime.
How to go after the buckwheat diet
When buckwheat diet came to an end, to return to the usual diet should be smooth. Adding new products should be gradual, in the first week it is desirable to have a low-fat high-protein food and prepare meals for a couple, or in the oven. Fried, salty and spicy food are not allowed in the first week after the release of a buckwheat diet, as for her body loses salt, and add it to the food should be slowly, gradually increasing to the usual level of salinity. You do not need to lean on flour products and sweets, let’s just dark chocolate in small amounts.
Make your diet for the next two weeks after the buckwheat diet of dietary dishes, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, add a little bit, in the form of vegetables, cereals, and allowed low-fat dairy products and cheeses. At the end of the second week of the diet can add some fatty foods and more carbohydrates. But if you do not want the weight back, the diet should be fundamentally reviewed and make it more healthy. In the future, watch your calorie intake, not to dial all the dumped kgs.
No mayonnaise in the output period of diet or fat sour cream, and limit alcohol consumption. From petrol stations are allowed only olive oil, eliminate sauces, ketchups. Dietitians advise after buckwheat diet radically change the attitude to what you eat before.

Main contraindications.
Since completely eliminated sugar and salt, it can cause headaches or change in blood pressure buckwheat diet. A drawback of glucose lead to reduced cerebral performance. Therefore, you may feel unwell, notice that you become distracted and inattentive. Buckwheat diet technique is strictly contraindicated in people with diseases such as diabetes, gastric ulcer or bowel, hypertension. It is also not suitable for women during lactation. Before you go on a buckwheat diet is best to consult with your doctor.
5)Kefir diet: there is a choice!
Kefir diet is based on the use yogurt instead of main meals, because there are proteins, fats and carbohydrates are perfectly balanced. cucumbers or apples can also be added to the diet …
Obvious advantages kefir diet
Kefir diet is not only useful in terms of effective weight loss. After all, this drink is easy to digest and good for the digestive system due to the content in it of useful bacteria. Kefir – a natural product and is obtained from low-fat milk by fermentation technology. Therefore, it spends little digestion energy body, all useful and vitamins contained in it, is also absorbed in its entirety.
Kefir diet is also one of the most satisfying. That is, after a cup of yogurt hunger disappear, despite the low calorie content of the product, which is very important in any weight loss system. Therefore, replacing other foods in the diet of this “magic” drink their own process of burning fat in your body is run. In this kefir diet, even according to doctors – the most balanced diet system. During it you can stick a few dining options.
What to choose
The first option – you sit on one kefir only that the strength is not for everyone. The second option is easier – you add to the diet of apples or cucumbers, and then it is kefir, apple or cucumber-kefir diet. The calories in these foods a little, but enough carbohydrates and fiber, so that the body more easily endured a tough regime dietary restrictions. More:
6) Cucumber-kefir diet.
Kefir and cucumber diet – a novelty in the power system to reduce weight. The diet will be cucumber yogurt and low fat content, prepared like a cocktail, the following recipe: cucumber grate on fine grater, pour the yogurt and mix. This cocktail will be your food for five days. The total amount of yogurt, consumed daily should be 1.5 liters, cucumbers should be 1.5kg. Kefir and cucumber diet is not only beneficial effect on digestion, but also has a diuretic effect – because cucumbers contain potassium and sodium, which accelerate the process of withdrawal of fluid from the body. Yes, and the cucumber by 90% consists of water. Therefore, after sitting on the cucumber-kefir diet 5 days, you are good to clean your body of toxins. According to reviews, the diet is not difficult and is carried on the day you can lose up to half a kilo of weight. But it is not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
7)Kefir-apple diet.
Kefir-apple diet – another modification of the classical version of the diet. It is quite hard and therefore effective. If you soak in it 9 days, you can lose up to 8 kg, but it should not be abused. The diet is a diet of only apples and low-fat yogurt. This combination is not accidental. After kefir and apples different cause stomach acidity thereby gastric juice, which is produced during their digestion, – varying acidity and neutralize itself. Power scheme kefir-apple diet is as follows: in the first three days you drink half a liter of yogurt every day, dividing it into 4-5 equal portions. Then, three days you eat each day to 1.5 kg of apples a day. And again on the return-to-eat yogurt three days.
Due to the longer term, increased to 9 days, many doctors are against kefir-apple diet, they do not recommend to stick so long unbalanced diet. If you still have the power of an ox for such a long dietary restrictions, be sure to drink a complex of vitamins and diet go before examination by a doctor to rule out chronic or latent disease, manifestations of which diet can provoke. Also, do not use such a diet more often than once a quarter.
8)Striped diet.
The easiest and balanced version of the classic kefir diet – a diet kefir striped. The name she received due to the power circuit. You alternate the days when you only drink kefir, with days of normal power supply. Thus, the longer you can sit on a diet and lose weight gradually. There are also several versions of kefir “striped” diet, depending on the duration and the foods that you eat during an extended power. Alternate Kefir and advanced through the day to day, but doing it is not worth more than two weeks.
During the unloading of the day you drink 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt daily. You can also drink unsweetened tea and always a lot of water. The next day, you can make your diet of protein and carbohydrate foods, but it is not necessary to lean on sweets and bakery products. But many nutritionists believe this kind of diet ineffective, especially for people with a lot of weight deviation from the norm, as kefir diet striped like a pendulum, and the handling of the day may not be enough to start the process of splitting fat deposited previously.
So before you sit on the kefir diet, it is better to consult a doctor to rule out possible contraindications and choose an individual power supply circuit for effective weight loss.
9)Juice diet: drink, losing weight, cleanses the body!
Juice detox diet typically includes the use of fruit and vegetable juices during the day. It is important to remember – and this will tell you any dietitian – you should not be on juice diet for more than five days.
Juice diet: fresh from the package or?
Juice diet can be used not only for the quality of cleansing the body of toxins, but also to increase the metabolism in preparation for a long-term diet program. When you are on the juice diet, you completely eliminate all other foods from your diet and replace them with juice. To do this, if possible, choose juices that are prepared fresh. At the same time during the fasting you will need to drink plenty of water. The main purpose of juice detox diet – to help the body get rid of harmful toxins.
Discussing the juice diet, nutritionists recommend eating 250-300g juice for each of the three basic methods. Due to the large fluid intake during drinking diet you pretty regularly use the toilet, and this is also part of the process of expulsion from the body of harmful toxins. In between the basic techniques of juice, drink water. The water must be clean and cool – room temperature.
Juice diet: fruit or vegetable? Or maybe the broth?
Try as much as possible to drink fresh juices. Many juices are sold in packages that contain a lot of preservatives and unhealthy sugars. Healthy products for juice diet – it is oranges, grapefruits, grapes. If you want to drink vegetable juice, try cucumber, celery and garlic. You can also try a vegetable broth with tomatoes, green peppers and cabbage.
What about the nutritional value of a diet? Some fruits and vegetables when transformed into juice, the body can offer a variety of useful properties. Apples provide the body with vitamins A, B and C, optionally also potassium and calcium. Apricot provide the same three vitamins and vitamin K, and phosphorus. Beetroot is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C. By the way, they can change the color of your stool and urine – do not panic. Broccoli contains potassium, calcium and vitamin B1.
Remember, however, the precautions. From the juice diet, you will almost certainly you can experience a lack of energy. If you have any serious health problems or you are suffering from malnutrition, juice diet is not for you. Before starting a diet you should consult your doctor.

10) Brazilian diet.

Brazilian diet is suitable for those who wish for a short period, say goodbye to unnecessary pounds you 4-5. Fairly rigid diet, but it does not prohibit the use of meat and eggs. The basic principle is food in small portions every day for two weeks. For good effect, it is not necessary to replace the products, rearrange the menu, and increase servings. The Brazilian diet eliminated almost all of the ingredients that excite the appetite, but it is necessary to limit and hot spices, meats and spices. Focus on fruits, vegetables, vegetable soups and fresh herbs. If you really want to eat, drink a glass of non-carbonated drinking water or natural juice. During the 15 minutes before a meal drink a glass of juice, it does not hurt, but on the contrary will benefit.
You must eat often – five times a day, it helps digestion bodies quickly digest the food received. Observing the Brazilian diet, all rules must be followed. We eat strictly on a diet. You can not change the dishes in places, exchanging one product for another. Within 2 weeks, you can not eat: smoked, sweet, flour, bakery, savory, salty dishes, containing different seasonings and spices. It is necessary to take vitamin complex. It is necessary to drink a lot – plain water, carbonated mineral water, natural unsweetened juices.
The advantages of the Brazilian diet concerns its effectiveness. If you and your ideal weight is shared measly 5 kilograms, then this system will supply a real dream in just 2 weeks. Moreover, this result does not seem impossible. When diets promise deliverance kilogram per day, their effectiveness is questionable. However, the Brazilian diet, although it is considered to be tough, but it allows to eat foods with a relatively high energy value – eggs, fish and meat. Therefore, to transfer the feeling of hunger will be easier, and the body will not experience severe stress. Another advantage of the Brazilian diet – it is tested. The fact that many of the models, wanting to make a slim figure in a short time, use it up. If you want to try this diet models, this is what you need. Important! Like any severe restriction of food, Brazilian diet of Brazilian actresses is contraindicated in pregnant women, nursing mothers. I do not recommend this method of weight loss for people suffering from kidney disease, stomach. Since the Brazilian diet involves the active consumption of coffee, it should not be used by people with heart ailments, suffering from high blood pressure. Either replace the weakly brewed tea. As we have said, this technique is based on the consumption of protein. So drink plenty of water throughout the day to the kidneys work better.

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