La Baule




The pride of the French climatic resort of La Baule is located is a huge long beach 9 km, which is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Europe. The resort stretches from Brittany to Vendée and is a picturesque bay in the form of a crescent.
Throughout the year, the resort retains its unique microclimate – a soft, moist and cool (even here in the summer the temperature does not rise above 20-22 ° C). In addition to the favorable climate of La Baule is famous for its thalassotherapy centers, treatment which is based on the healing properties of sea water.

In addition to procedures that use sea water of the Atlantic Ocean, in the centers to carry out such procedures as dry massage or under water massage, anti-cellulite massage, shower, gymnastics multifunktsioonalnom pool vodoroslelechenie, “pearl” bath, sea inhalation, aromatherapy algae, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, pressure therapy, microdermabrasion, dataven (external electrical veins), relaxation sessions, and more. Here you can also go through the individual courses of cardio at the gym (before it necessarily performed an electrocardiogram with a load).

The most famous thalassotherapy center, located at the “Royal” – “Thalgo La Baule.” This is a huge complex, which occupies three floors and covering more than 3,000 sq.m. The center infrastructure includes an indoor pool with sea water, a multi-pool “Slim Body” with jets, geysers, cascades, a fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, solarium, Jacuzzi, and a host of treatment rooms (sea, massages, relaxation, beauty care). The program for each guest is individually Center. You can also get a separate consultation dietician.
Guests of the resort can choose one of the general programs, including separately stands out the most popular: health-building, “Weight Loss and dent”, “Postnatal Course” (get rid of irritability, increased muscle tone), “Harmony” (for women after 40 years) , “Sports”, “Light legs”, “Osteoarthritis” (arthritis, low back pain, post-injury), “mom.”

The main indications for treatment and prevention of diseases in the resort are:

-Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
-functional disorders of the nervous system
-metabolic disorders
-postpartum period and menopause
-need to smoke
Free from the time of treatment can take a round of golf, horse riding, cycling. Particularly active can go surfing or go to sea under sail. You can just stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy the beauty of the natural environment (for example, you should definitely visit the Brière nature reserve, as well as the red cliffs at the mouth of the Loire). You can also see the local sights. From La Baule Pouliguen organized excursions to the port, the medieval town of Pornichet (Carew Castle XIV-XVI centuries.) And Guérande.

For lovers of the nightlife the resort has to offer visit the casino of La Baule, in the disco as “Indiana”. And specially for shopping near the “Royal” hotel built commercial center with 40 stores.

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