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Many believe that it is impossible to pump up the press at home and find that such justification, as the permanent home care, the lack of special simulators, lack of privacy and even the lack of sports atmosphere of the fitness center or gym. In many cases, it looks banal excuse laziness. After all, can and should be engaged in a home. If you have a desire to have a slim and beautiful figure of effective exercises for the press can bring to even the best score of girls than classes at the gym with an instructor. For this desire and need only a few square meters of free floor. Consider this article the most effective exercises for the press, as well as dispel some myths about its strengthening. A set of exercises for the press Before the training, you need to warm up. It is best suited for this regular jogging or sit-ups. After 5-10 minutes of warm-up exercises can begin. A very effective exercise for the upper and lower press – V-UP. Starting position – lying on the floor with their hands up, legs bent at the knees, neck relaxed. Chin and chest lift up, thus straining the abdominal muscles, shoulders off the floor. Simultaneously raise your legs, trying to touch them with your hands. Return to the starting position. Exercise done 10-15 times. The next exercise – “Get a toe.” Starting position – lying on the floor with legs raised, neck relaxed. Chin and chest lift up, pull your shoulders off the floor, straining press. One hand pull and reach the opposite leg. Return to the starting position, then repeat the exercise with the other hand. Head and back should be held in a neutral relaxed. Remember that sudden muscle tension can cause the appearance of injury. To complicate exercises can be held in the hands of a gymnastic ball. To make the exercise easier, hands can be held closer to the body. The next exercise – “Lazy lifting legs.” Starting position – lying on his back with legs raised perpendicular to the torso. Slowly lower your legs and hold them at an angle of 45 degrees as long as work. Loins thus pressed to the floor, and the press the most tense. Raise your legs to the starting position and repeat 12-14 times. Exercise “Lift-roll” strengthens the rectus abdominis muscles. Starting position – lying on his back with legs straight. Hands pull up in front of chest, inhale, lower chin and rise slowly with a rounded back. When the blades go up from the floor, continuing to rise smoothly, start breathing out. Then slowly return to starting position. Repeat 6-8 times. The most effective exercise for the oblique press for women – “Pose bar”. Get on all fours, place your elbows just below the shoulders and fingers fold into the lock. Right leg pull back, putting it on the toe, not shifting with the hip. Then pull back and left leg, placing it next to the right. In this position, pause for 20 seconds and take the starting position. Gradually, it should increase the time during which you hold the position. Exercise “Bridge to lift his feet” strengthens not only the press, but also the extensor muscles of the back. Starting position – lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, arms extended along the body. Tighten the press, at the same time pulling the stomach and breathing in. On the exhale, pelvis should push up so that the body from the knees to the blades form a straight line. In such a position delayed by 30 seconds. Without changing position, straighten your left leg and then linger at the same time. Then put on the floor left leg, repeat the exercise on the right. Make exercise on each leg several times. The next exercise – “Twisting with bent knees” strengthens the obliques and the rectus abdominis muscles. Starting position – lying on his back with legs raised, knees bent, calves parallel to the floor are located. Hands put on his head, not connecting, and elbows apart. Pull a stomach, straining press. Tear off the head, neck and shoulders off the floor without moving the feet, then slowly return to starting position. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times. Exercise “Reverse Crunch” is also aimed at strengthening the direct and oblique abdominal muscles. Starting position – lying on his back with his legs and bent at the knees, heels pulled up to the buttocks. Tighten the press, without changing the position of the legs, and lift your tailbone off the floor for a few centimeters, pulling your knees to your chest. Since the amplitude of the movement is small, when performing this exercise only your abdominal muscles working. Repeat 15-20 times. If you are interested in, what are the most effective exercises for the oblique press, try to do the twisting on the ball side. To do this you will need fitball. Sit on the exercise ball, place your feet on the floor, bend your knees. Crossing the legs forward, lie on your back fitball and put his head left arm. Push the hips up, straining the muscles of the buttocks. Then pull your stomach and lift slightly the upper part of the body. After that, his left shoulder, turn right and return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with your right hand. The number of repetitions should be 10-15. Several myths about the strengthening of the press
Myth 1: “The press is necessary to download every day.” In fact, the abdominal muscles are no different from other muscles. And if you perform effective exercises for the press at home to fatigue, to restore it will take about 48 hours. Do not forget also that the exercise intensity should be increased gradually, in order to prevent the occurrence of pain in the muscles.
Myth 2: “The more repetitions of each exercise – the better the result.” In fact, if you are not a beginner in fitness is good to strengthen your muscles will not help you, even hundred repetitions. You must learn how to stretch the muscles so that they were tired after a small number of repetitions.
Myth 3: “We need to do some exercises for the upper and lower parts of the press.” In fact, the concepts of “upper” and “lower” press exists. Home muscle, forming press, begins under the chest and ends in front of the pubic bone, and is known as the rectus abdominis. Designed for the lower part of the press exercise also affect the upper part of the muscle. Regardless of which part you wish to work the muscles, the upper and lower parts react to the load equally.
Do simulators press efficient?
If you see a professional athlete in advertising with a steel press it proves that the new simulator better than any other effect on the abdominal muscles, and thanks to him, you get a flat stomach for half an hour, most likely, you’re lying. The results of multiple studies show that most of the special simulators for the abdominal muscles engage in their work, even less than the most simple twist. Moreover, the higher costs in the simulator, the less effective. One should not forget that burn belly fat is not capable of any one exercise – they only work on strengthening the muscles. If the layer of fat hiding the muscles, it is necessary to start with getting rid of the fat layer, and is able to do only properly chosen diet. In the struggle for a flat stomach cardio is not the most important part, because 500 calories lost, for example, on the treadmill, you can easily make up one portion of food.

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