Benefits and harms of apple juice




Apple is one of the favorite vegetables in our diet. From it is prepared jam, dried fruits and jams, it is added to pastries and natural make delicious drinks.

Benefits and harms of apple juice has been well studied by scientists. They believe that if to drink at least a glass of drink on a daily basis, do not have to go to the doctor. According to new data, obtained as a result of experiments, it is able to cleanse the digestive tract and even inhibit the development of metastases in the intestine and the prostate.

Benefits of apple juice for a person great. It is the large amount of ascorbic acid and antioxidants contained in the juice. They derive from the body toxins and chemicals that accumulate due to the use of drugs, tobacco use, exposure to radiation.
Use apple juice possible due to the presence in its composition of fiber, which promotes weight loss, regulates cholesterol, prevents the onset of a heart attack. Some scientists believe that the juice slows down the aging process.

Benefits of apple juice is known to lift the immunity. An important feature of the product – it is the enzymes contained therein. These substances help digest food, and the esophagus was removed from the intestines harmful compounds.

The harm of apple juice can in very rare cases. Due to the presence of acid contained in the beverage, it is not useful for people with high acidity. In addition it is harmful to take people with gastroenteritis diseases, ulcers and pancreatitis.

Known harm apple juice for those who suffer from allergies to apples. When making your own drink especially important to observe the technology of its preparation, otherwise you can get apple cider vinegar instead of flavored juice.

There is damage to the apple juice for our tooth enamel because of its acid. After its use is best to brush teeth. In addition they can not drink medicine, he or neutralizes the effect of the drug, or cause poisoning. Excessive drink consumption can also cause itching, irritation and allergic reactions.

Benefits and harms of the apple juice depends on how you take a drink. If you are going to drink it for medicinal purposes, do it on a regular basis for at least a month. Otherwise, you can not get rid of the disease.

Today, most commercially available fruit nectars with preservatives and low in natural extract, which do not bring benefits to our body. It is advisable when buying pay attention to what is stated on the product label. It should be pointed out that the drink contains no preservatives.

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