Benefits and harms of apples




Apple can rightly be called the most popular fruit in our country and beyond. That is why what is the benefit and harm of apple known for a long time and in full.

It’s no secret that the use of apples in the high content of iron in them. For this reason, they always recommend that pregnant women, children and simply people with anemia. In this case the value of I unit in the fact that they contribute to the better absorption of iron and other products. In addition, apples are very good for the normalization of the bowel. It’s no secret that the apples have a mild diuretic and choleretic effect and is often recommended as a mild laxative.

Vitamin C, which is part of the fruit makes it not only one of the best products to strengthen the immune system, but also involved in the digestion of fats. Interestingly, one medium fruit contains a quarter of the daily requirement of this vitamin. In addition, the benefits of apples is the presence of a substance such as pectin, which is necessary to fight bad cholesterol.

It is known that such apples contain necessary for normal functioning of the human organism micronutrients such as magnesium and phosphorus. And thanks to the presence of vitamins, apples benefit appears to deal with depressive states and disorders of the nervous system. Experts believe that apples help to remove stress conditions.

Remarkably, there are apples in volatile – substances which is rightly considered a natural antibiotic. Therefore, the use of apples to combat colds and flu is simply invaluable. A Vitamin A, also present in the pulp of the fruit is actively helping to preserve visual acuity. Due to the content salts of potassium, apples are often recommended to use in food for people who suffer from diseases such as rheumatism, edema, gout.

It is known that the benefits of apples is high enough for the prevention of atherosclerosis. The substances found in fruits hamper the development of this disease. In addition, doctors recommend to eat apples in order to prevent absorption into the blood of various toxins.

Cosmetologists believe that the use of apples in their ability to provide a rejuvenating effect on the skin. This effect can be actually obtained by the regular consumption of fruits and possible thanks to the presence of fiber in apples and minerals.

However, eating these fruits can have negative consequences. In particular, damage of apples is their bones. Often, while enjoying your favorite fruit, people eat the flesh with them. But the fact that even in them and found necessary and useful to man iodine, but there are also hydrocyanic acid, which is well known as the strongest poison. Of course, accidentally swallow three or four bone doctors feel more secure, but not anymore.

For people suffering from gastritis and hyperacidity, apples harm can affect due to the presence in their composition of fruit acids. Also, with the utmost care to the apples must be treated with ulcers and inflammation of the gallbladder. A sugar that is present in apples is safe for teeth, as can destroy the enamel.

Of course, hardly any other fruit can be compared with apples in popularity but, nevertheless, their unlimited use in food insecure. For this reason, you need to know when to stop and listen carefully to the advice of doctors and nutritionists, to receive only the benefits and harms of apples has been completely eliminated!

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