Benefits and harms of apricot




The origin of the apricot tree is not fully elucidated, several versions and one of them says that the history of apricot begins in China. In other assumptions home to these beautiful fruits called Armenia, but to prove the accuracy of which first appeared a tree, nobody can.

Benefits and harms of apricot well understood in Chinese medicine, where the fruits are used as an expectorant and sedative. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions for the lovers of the fruit, due to increased sugar content in the fruit it is better not to eat with diabetes.

The use of apricot is really diverse. Fruits present malic acid, tartaric, citric, and some amount of salicylic acid. no doubt in favor of the composition of our immunity.

And this concentration of vitamin A, as in the apricot is no longer in any of the fruits, besides it has the essential for the body’s vitamin B, P and PP.

Due to the potassium content in the fruits of apricot benefits for people with heart disease and kidney doctors have long proven and has been successfully used in the treatment of diseases. Great effect on the body drinking juice from apricots – a true antibiotics kill harmful bacteria.

Great benefits of apricot from being a part of a substance pectin, it has the ability to cleanse our body from cholesterol deposits, and has the ability to remove toxins.

Of course, one can not evaluate such a dignity of the fruit, as the ability to protect us against the development of cancer, and is best for these purposes to use fruits in dried form.

Use apricot invaluable in combating anemia, due to a large amount of iron in the fruit, it is considered an excellent drug for increasing hemoglobin.

Unfortunately, there is some harm apricot. Due to the content in the fruit tannins it has laxative properties that are unlikely to be useful for people with gastrointestinal problems.

Feature of the fruit can bring trouble and harm is apricot – poisonous seeds. poison content in the nuclei so large that may well cause serious poisoning.

For some benefits, but for someone and harm apricots – a large concentration of sugar in its fruit, a feature of the fruit negates the use of apricot in the diets. But at home the fruit it is successfully used for the preparation of alcoholic beverages, it is due to the presence of sugar it is very convenient for making apricot liqueurs.

Benefits and harms of apricot well understood by physicians, it is recommended by doctors, even when such serious diseases as obesity and tuberculosis. The beneficial effects on the body of the fruit has asthma, and pregnant mothers are recommended to use dried apricots.

From apricot fruit prepare excellent jams, preserves, compotes popular on every table. The fruit will perfectly complement and enhance any dessert or sweet pastries.

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