Benefits and harms of beef




Beef is by far the most common type of meat, we can say one of the most popular varieties of the population. The science that studies the correct approach to nutrition defines beef as a first-class source of dietary protein, because this type of meat contains all the necessary for the human body and essential amino acids nothing. Therefore, the benefits and harms of beef as a product shall be considered in view of its remarkable properties.

The use of beef
It’s no secret that the use of beef in its highest nutritional value, since four times smaller amount of beef is capable, on caloric, replace a liter of cow’s milk. In addition, the use of meat faster than any other product is achieved by saturation of the body.
beef benefit is that unlike, for example from fiber beef performs neutralization of hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes and other irritants contained in the gastric juice. Thereby contributing to the normalization of the acidity in the stomach and intestines.
Beef significantly faster than cereals, fruits or vegetables in the human body to digest. Therefore, the use of beef in that it does not lead to clogging of the intestinal rotting waste and roaming
This meat is considered especially valuable. Since the use of beef is also in the high content of many minerals and, especially, a high content of zinc and iron, which is very necessary for our body.
Beef experts believe dietary meat, and people suffering from many diseases and had undergone surgery after blood loss have recommended it as boiled and strong broths, soups, and on its basis.
Beef, however, is different. The most stringent requirements to diets better satisfied young beef or veal. Muscle fibers in the calf has not yet hardened, so much more delicate than that of adult animals. Furthermore, subcutaneous fat and muscle calves, for the most part consist of nevysokonasyschennyh fatty acids. Consequently, the use of beef in its high dietary value.
beef Hurt
However, together with the use of, say even beef harm. It turns out that it is very important how the cow ate food while it grew and gained weight until she got to the slaughter. Now the animals often do not even see the fields and meadows, and do not graze. From birth, before they are sent to the slaughterhouse, they eat the prepared feed, which they replaced with fresh and juicy green grass.
And often, in compound feed contained in the excess amount of pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, and so forth. Animals eat such food, and then a man, these harmful substances can get eaten with even well-cooked meat in the body.

Harm beef, also manifested themselves due to animal production technologies, because any livestock farming is taking all measures in order to accelerate this process. Inject them with antibiotics, making a variety of special vaccination is pumped in excess hormones, stimulants, and much more. All this can subsequently make the beef is not as helpful as we would like, and often dangerous to the health.
It is no secret that the beef harm may occur, depending on the method of its preparation. It is known that the roast beef, though very tasty, but it is not harmless, because a lot of carcinogens formed when frying.
When you purchase and use of this tasty and loved by many meat is important to choose it, well prepared and moderately have to was the use of it. And to harm the beef is not worth it to give up your favorite dishes.

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