Benefits and harms of broccoli




Broccoli is considered to be the queen of cabbage. On its saturated content of vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the person most known in Ancient Rome. Since then and to this day about the benefits and dangers of broccoli walks a lot of talk. And what exactly is this cauliflower is so useful, and in some cases harmful to the body?

Benefits of broccoli
According to its useful properties of broccoli than many other vegetables and fruits. Even vitamin C in it more than in lemons and oranges. Thanks to yet another vitamin the U, which is here the same as in asparagus, cabbage that has been used successfully in the treatment of ulcers.

The broccoli as much potassium, it displays the body of excess salt, strengthens hair and nails, as well as to stabilize their growth. In addition, this vegetable normalizes heart function and prevents the development and manifestation of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke and arthritis. More Broccoli protects the tissues and cells, improves blood formation processes, displays the body of heavy metals and toxic substances.

Due to the high protein content, which is appreciated due to isoleucine and lysine, broccoli is an excellent alternative to meat and even frequently compared to the protein of chicken eggs. Furthermore, unlike chicken eggs and other products of animal origin in the cabbage no cholesterol, but on the contrary, there is contained a substance, such as methionine and choline, which excrete harmful cholesterol.

In addition broccoli boasts of beta-carotene, which is far greater than many other vegetables. This element can slow the aging process. By the number of amino acids that make up the broccoli, cabbage surpasses only beef. Some of these amino acids produce a hormone called endorphin, more known as the “happiness hormone”. Also regular consumption of broccoli and improve the condition of the blood.

To normalize the digestive process, naturally clean the intestines and relieve the person from constipation broccoli help through tissue. In addition, broccoli improves production of bile, which greatly facilitates the life and liver organs through which the substance passes.

Eat broccoli is highly recommended to those who suffered serious disease, since this product accelerates the renewal of cells and tissues of our body. In addition to them to pay attention to the useful properties of broccoli is also for diabetics – it increases insulin to normal levels, strengthens and protects the blood vessels from damage due to a moderate sugar content.

Some eye diseases also solved using broccoli. Carotenoids contained in the cabbage, strengthen the lens and retina of the eye, as well as reduce the risk of developing cataracts.

Probably one of the most valuable properties of broccoli – is its ability to rid the body of dead skin cells, free radicals, toxins and heavy metal ions. This makes this product useful remedy for people who are seriously ill as a result of irradiation, living in areas with contaminated environment and high levels of radiation.

The female, having due cellulite complexes, broccoli will help excrete the excess fluid, which is one of its main causes. Once you add broccoli to your diet, you will be immediately notice how the skin becomes more smooth, taut and smooth. Also, broccoli calorie and contains only 34 calories per 100 grams of product, which is an excellent tool for weight loss.

Broth from broccoli effective against worms, and because of its folic acid can take pregnant women, since it stimulates the production of new cells and support them in a healthy condition.

Harm broccoli
Generally broccoli is not harmful to our health, but in some species it is better not to use:

Broth from broccoli. Though he helps get rid of intestinal worms, yet it does have harmful to the human body adenine and guanine. That is the main reason why not add broccoli to vegetable soups still in the cooking process, but only at the end, after cooking soup
Fried broccoli. Yielding roasting on fatty oils, cabbage loses many useful properties, which are formed instead of carcinogens.
Raw broccoli. This is the best option for eating cabbage, but it is not recommended for people who suffer from the acidity of the stomach and have problems with the pancreas.
As a result, we understand that the benefits of broccoli for a man just invaluable, it’s great impact on many organs and systems of our body. Harm broccoli almost does, but if you want to get the maximum benefit from it, it is best to add it to the food in the raw form.

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