Benefits and harms of cocoa




You will no doubt think about the benefits and dangers of cocoa, if this drink is included in your diet. This delicious and aromatic drink is not for nothing called the food of the gods, on the right is part of our morning menu. Although there was little caffeine, and rely on the supply of energy is not necessary, it with pleasure and drink, children and adults.

What is the use of cocoa? First, let’s talk about its nutritional value. In many cocoa carbohydrates, vegetable protein and fat, dietary fiber has, organic acids, vitamins, and A, E, PP, D, and beta carotene. Rich and mineral composition of cocoa! Here calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, large amounts of iron and zinc, and has a copper, manganese, fluorine. Nutritional value, and therefore the use of cocoa obvious.

Let us add, however, for those who are watching their weight, that cocoa is quite high-calorie product, so they can replace one meal.
Of course, in cocoa is much less caffeine than coffee, but it comprises tonicity agents such as theophylline, fenilefilamin, theobromine. They also increase efficiency, improve the activity of the central nervous system, elevate mood, prevent depression. Due to its high nutritional value, cocoa is useful after infectious diseases. The high potassium content makes it an indispensable drink cocoa for “cores”. The benefits of cocoa and says that it contains antioxidants, flavanol, improves cerebral blood circulation, melanin, which protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and thus, preventing the development of cancer. Cocoa quickly recover after strenuous exercise.

Use cocoa works and the beauty, because it rejuvenates the skin, improves its elasticity. In many SPA-salons can offer you a cocoa body wraps.

Benefits and harms of cocoa, as well as any other product, of course, depends on the state of health of the individual. Here you will not go against the truth. If you suffer from joint diseases, kidney and urinary tract, the presence of purines in the cocoa should alert you. However, to completely abandon this useful product should not be, it can only go on their limitation in the diet. Harm cocoa will bring people with allergies, suffering from diabetes and atherosclerosis. The negative side is still in the fact that cocoa beans are grown in unsanitary conditions and to the same process chemistry, and it is not very useful for us.

Whatever you say, and the measure of all – it’s the golden rule and the power, and life.

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