Benefits and harms of cow’s milk




Cow’s milk – the most common dairy product markets, which many people like because it has many beneficial properties. The benefits and dangers of cow’s milk and is conducted today a lot of discussion, and scientists have not come to a single opinion.

Surely all heard chanted milk in one well-known Soviet animated film, “Drink, kids, milk – be healthy! “. And you can not argue with the fact that children’s milk, especially cow’s milk, is vital. But it is necessary to cow’s milk to adults? It goes a lot of rumors about the fact that only children are able to carry this product.

The use of cow’s milk
Regular consumption of cow’s milk is good for a stomach condition. This product helps with gastric ulcer and gastritis. In addition, cow’s milk reduces the acidity of the stomach and helps to get rid of heartburn.
Improves work the cardiovascular system. Cow’s milk is an excellent source of calcium. This trace mineral has a positive effect on children’s growth, strengthens bones and teeth and improves the elasticity of blood vessels. In addition, thanks to this component of the cow’s milk prevents the development of heart disease. In the course of that research scientists have been established if drinking one glass of milk every day, the risk of manifestation of stroke or heart attack is reduced by 40%. It also supports the normal functioning of the heart muscle.
It strengthens the nervous system. Cow’s milk is known as an excellent tool that helps in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. Daily consumption of cow’s milk in the morning strengthens the mind and provides the body with energy, ensuring human vigor. And if you drink milk before going to bed, then you a healthy and sound sleep will be provided.
It maintains a healthy weight. About cow’s milk goes a lot of myths, they say, it supposedly contributes to weight gain, which is why many of those who want to lose weight, give up the reception of such a useful product, afraid of getting fat. But the study of Canadian scientists refuted the rumors. During the experiment, it was proved that, subject to the same diet the people who were given milk, lost weight by 5 kilograms more than those who did not drink this drink.
Milk protein is absorbed by the body better than anyone else. Since proteins have immunoglobulins which are effective in combating viral infections legkousvaivaemost cow milk is able to receive it in the treatment of colds. Also, it is very popular among athletes.
It relieves the symptoms of headaches and has a diuretic effect. If you have a common headache, migraine or regular headaches, the weekly cocktail reception from boiled cow’s milk with raw egg will help you a long time to forget about the problem. Also, due to the diuretic effect of cow’s milk lowers high blood pressure – a great tool for hypertensive patients.
Effectively used in cosmetology. Cow’s milk moisturizes the skin, relieves irritation and inflammation. For a wonderful rejuvenating effect can take milk baths, as once did Cleopatra.
Harm cow’s milk
Milk is not a remedy for all diseases and many do not recommended for use.
Drinking cow’s milk is fraught with diarrhea. This is because the human body has many small amount of an enzyme that can cleave lactose. In this respect, some people are not able to digest cow’s milk.
Cow’s milk – a powerful allergen. In this regard, from the use of cow’s milk allergy should refrain. Allergic reactions such as itching, nausea, rash, bloating, and even vomiting can cause milk antigen “A”. Allergy is recommended to find an alternative to cow’s milk, which include yogurt, cottage cheese or goat’s milk.
It contains substances which cause atherosclerosis. That is why drinking cow’s milk in the elderly is not the age of 50 years or more is recommended, as this is the age increases the risk of atherosclerosis.
If you have tried to cow’s milk and have been no allergic reactions, diarrhea and there was no white chair, the harm of cow’s milk does not threaten you, and you can safely use it. If you regularly drink this animal, you will significantly improve your health as well as the use of cow’s milk is evident.

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