Benefits and harms of green coffee




Benefits and harms of green coffee being discussed today in the world. This drink is not a novelty even for Russians, since it can be found in the USSR. But he did not enjoy popularity, because the utility, and in general its properties have been little studied. The situation changed a few years ago, when scientists studied the product more carefully.

It was found that the purified nuclei are capable of coffee beans order to reduce absorption of fat in the body. That is, the usual calorie foods containing fat is significantly reduced. Green coffee contains antioxidants – substances that prevent premature aging. The benefits of green coffee in the fact that it muffles appetite and hunger: noticed that people who use a drink before the meal, eat less than usual. Therefore, it can be included in your menu to all those who want to maintain a slim figure or lose weight.

Green coffee as black:
-luchshaet memory and attention in the short term;
-toniziruet and invigorating;
Reduces headaches, enhances the action of painkillers;
-Helps fight constipation;
-contains essential for the life of acids such as oleic, -palmitinovaya, stearic;
-contains flavonoids that improve the condition of blood vessels, increase blood -svertyvaemost;
-Reduces blood sugar levels.
Widely known benefits of green coffee in cosmetology. It effectively fights cellulite, stretch marks and scars. Masks of this product refresh the complexion, making wrinkles more subtle, and if you regularly apply it to the hair, they soon become shiny and will be less likely to drop out.
But green coffee consumption is not recommended for everyone. Pregnant women, lactating women and children under the age of 16 should not drink it. Harm green coffee for this category are not scientifically proven, as there are no relevant studies. To refuse the drink should be and people suffering from kidney disease, cardiovascular system, tachycardia and high blood pressure. Those who suffer from sleep disorders, you can drink it, but only in the morning.

For all other people harm green coffee will be reduced to nothing if the conditions:

– Daily use no more than two cups of coffee, it is better for 30 minutes before a meal. If more often – increasing the risk of osteoporosis – brittle bones;

– Green coffee promotes dehydration, so you need to increase the amount drunk clean water;

– It is better to drink a drink without sugar, but if taste perceived bitter hard, is to add a bit of fructose: it is more useful than sugar.

Thus, a reasonable approach to the green coffee reception will significantly improve the body, prolong youth and maintain the beauty. Slimming need to remember that the best results for weight-loss can be achieved when a balanced diet and physical activity will be established. This drink is quite affordable, easy to cook and a pleasure to use. Benefits and harms of green coffee are known, so everyone has the power to use this drink is only for their own benefit.

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