Benefits and harms of horsemeat




As the meat is used in food, horse meat is most popular in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Nevertheless, the fact remains the fact that in ancient times the Russians in the manufacture of sausages used exclusively horsemeat. Therefore, we use in our region and harm horsemeat is not something vague, but on the contrary, the topic has long been well-studied.

The first advantage is that horse meat, that is meat contains a large amount of high-grade, high-quality protein, well-balanced amino acid composition. This horse meat is considered to be dietary meat. Experts say that the assimilation of horsemeat in the body is about eight times faster than beef assimilation.

According to nutritionists, the use of horse meat in that it contains fats are something in between fats of animal and vegetable origin. At the use of horse meat in the food appears choleretic effect. Due to its ability to lower blood cholesterol, horse meat is an excellent product for the regulation of metabolic processes in the body, and low fat content makes it perfectly suitable for diets aimed at weight reduction.
Meat of horses, contains in its structure and a lot of vitamins and minerals, among which secrete vitamin A and iron. There are also studies that suggest that the benefits of horse meat can be shown in promoting the neutralization of the harmful effects and radiation. In addition, the ancient nomads claimed that the skin of horse meat, when it is used in the food effect on the improvement of potency.

It is no secret that largely affects the use of horse meat in the special properties of horse fat. Often eat horse meat is recommended after the jaundice to restore liver health. And besides, the very fat are used as a component of various cosmetic products, used to prepare medicines for colds and as a salve for burns and frostbite.

Horse meat is hypoallergenic, and in addition, there is great content of vitamins E and Group B. With this particular use of horse meat in improving the blood circulation after its use. There are dishes of horse meat, if available, is recommended for patients suffering from anemia.

Nevertheless, in spite of the incredible number of useful features, horse meat is a popular product. And there are several reasons. The horse meat is very low in carbohydrates, no more than one percent. Such an environment is quite favorable for the reproduction of various bacteria, but the meat itself poorly kept.

Veterinary services always check the meat of horses with great care but, despite this harm horsemeat can manifest in the fact that it can be detected salmonella – quite a dangerous parasite, leading to serious consequences fatal. It is for this reason that horse meat in its raw form is not to flatly. And besides, horse meat is a carrier of trichinosis, is also very dangerous parasite that causes lung cases, digestive disorders, and in the heavy – bleeding.

Of course, a decent horse meat product known, but it is controversial. According to some reasons, it is very good for diets, on the other – is a definite health hazard. The main reason, of course, is that this meat must be able to properly handle the storage and preparation. Perhaps this will be the most important to the ingestion was extracted only the benefits and harms of horsemeat did not affect the state of health!

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