Benefits and harms of hot chocolate




Until the 19th century, Mexican drink was used for medicinal purposes, he had nothing to do with today’s delicacy. It did not add vanilla and sugar, it was used without milk, but added alcohol and hot peppers, drank cold.

In the early 16th century, the Spaniards were treated to treat the leaders of the Aztec tribe. Recipe and drink cocoa beans travelers brought home. The Spaniards settled deliveries of grains in the country, added to the technology of preparation of honey and vanilla, removed hot peppers, and began to drink it hot.

Benefits and harms of hot chocolate are determined by its constituent ingredients. All cocoa lovers point improvement in mood after drinking a cup of, such action is caused by the presence in it of natural neurotransmitter – fenetitilamina which raises vitality. The substance used in the manufacture of stimulants and psychedelics. At the same time, nutritionists point treats high calorie because of the high content of sugar and milk.
Known benefits of hot chocolate due to the antioxidants. They prevent the development of cancer and heart disease, slow down aging, reduce age-related skin degeneration, free the body from free radicals.

In many ways, the use of hot chocolate has become known thanks to the American scientists from Cornell University. They found the impact on the body contained therein gallic acid. It is used to stop internal bleeding, treatment of renal disease and diabetes. Head of the research group Zhang Yong Li stressed that the action of antioxidants is enhanced by heating the drink, so it is much more useful than a simple bar of chocolate.

The high content of flavonoids kill parasitic organisms, virus-infected cells, inhibits the development of tumors. Proved the benefits of hot chocolate as the product improves circulation and reduces blood pressure. Due to the high concentration of flavonoids experts compare the action of the drink with aspirin. It thins the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots.

There is damage to the hot chocolate at his immoderate use. It is composed of purines, which in large amounts contribute to salt deposits and lead to gout. The harm of hot chocolate because of this matter has a negative effect on patients of patients with pyelonephritis and cystitis.

Many people are worried about the damage of hot chocolate because of the high caloric content, the presence of sugar and fat. Some gourmets came out of the situation by learning to cook a treat on the water or skim milk, cream substituting ingredients.

No benefits and harms of hot chocolate will not replace its ability to make our lives more joyful because of the presence of the hormone – endorphin.

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