Benefits and harms of meltwater




Water is essential to human, because all metabolic processes in the body occur in the aquatic environment. But, alas, drinking water is not only worse, but also dangerous for your health. What kind of water should be drunk in order to bring yourself a favor and do not cause harm? Nature took care of the man once again. Let’s see the benefit or harm meltwater carries the body?

The fact that the size of the molecules of tap water does not match the size of the cell membrane. Hence, some of the molecules is not involved in the exchange process. From a variety of diseases, premature aging of the organism. Meltwater, on the contrary, is the same in structure with an aqueous medium of the body, is better absorbed and activates many processes: accelerates the metabolism, rejuvenates, improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, increases the body’s resistance to viruses and stress – contributes to the prolongation of life.

The use of melt water as its therapeutic properties, such as allergic skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc. How to prepare melt water and get health benefits.?
1. Pour into an enamel pan cold purified water from the tap and place it in the freezer.

2. When the pan is formed along the walls of the ice, remove it (it contains malicious deuterium), pour the water into another pot and then put in the freezer.

3. The water is frozen by two-thirds – remove the pan and pour the remaining water containing chemical impurities.

4. Ott ice formed at room temperature. One can thus carry out an additional purification. Pour boiling water into the middle of a piece of ice and pour the water.

Note: the use of melt water – in short shelf life (5 hours). Cherez16 chasovona already loses 50% of its biological activity. Boil the water should not be thawed. Properly cooked melt water will not cause any harm.

If you choose to experience the life-giving force and benefit from the melt water, remember:
– It is better to drink on an empty stomach ¾ cup half an hour before eating;
– The amount of water you drink per day should be 1% of your weight, and then the volume is gradually reduced to half;
– Take the necessary melt water every day for 30 or 40 days;

If taken for the prevention of melt water, the daily rate should be half.

Harm of melt water – in the wrong consumption and method of its preparation. That is, if you follow all of the recommendations, the question of the benefits and harms of melt water will not occur.

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