Benefits and harms of orange juice




Juice from oranges, without any doubt, can be considered one of the most loved and consumed by people product citrus fruit. And, very often, this drink is prepared immediately before use, fresh fruit. Given the particular its popularity, the benefits and harms of orange juice has long been closely studied by experts in the field of healthy nutrition and medicine.

It is known that most of all the benefits of orange juice lies in its rich vitamin content. This drink contains vitamin C and A as well as B complex, vitamins E and K. It is thanks to the vitamin C of oranges juice helps to strengthen immunity, can fight with chronic fatigue syndrome. Moreover, it is able to act by strengthening blood vessels, and is therefore useful in hypertensive patients with atherosclerosis.

Generally, this juice is rich in various minerals and trace elements. Use of orange juice is the availability of folic acid and biotin, niacin and inositol bioflavonoids and eleven amino acids essential for the human organism. Also it has calcium and copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and zinc. With this composition, this juice is prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the liver, lungs, skin and joints. Furthermore, it is useful to people suffering from various diseases of the blood, in particular from anemia.
There is expert opinion that the benefits of orange juice is and when it is necessary to get rid of excess weight, that is, to fight obesity. After the juice is easily digested in the body and does not contain substances difficult for the digestive system.

The damage of orange juice can be quite relevant to people suffering from ulcerative diseases such as gastric and duodenal ulcers. Moreover, it is generally contraindicated in acidity and in all diseases of the intestine.

The disadvantages of this beverage is classified and high sugar content. Therefore, orange juice harm can occur in patients with diabetes. Furthermore, as any citrus juice, orange may cause allergic reactions.

Of course, no matter what the orange juice is one of the most useful. Especially when followed some simple guidelines and moderation, from it can only be the benefits and harms of orange juice, is unlikely to be a source of emerging health problems, on the contrary – the juice will strengthen it.

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