Benefits and harms of plums




Homeland plum tree is considered West Asia. It’s familiar and popular in our part of the kernel tree is distinguished by its excellent taste fruits. These fruits are excellent not only fresh, but also dried, and prepared from them food and drinks. Thanks to their wide popularity, benefit and harm for a long time and drain thoroughly investigated by experts.

These fruits come in different varieties, but always have a vitamin-rich composition. According nutritionists favor draining available proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and organic acids. These fruits are rich in B vitamins, vitamins A and C, as well as PP and E.

Doctors believe that the use of plums well manifested in the prevention and treatment of diseases of the digestive system. These fruits, due to its composition, can help to reduce the acidity of the gastric juice and is a good companion in helping with gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, a stomach, and duodenum.

It is known that the use of plums composition rich in trace elements is sufficient, including sodium, potassium and magnesium, calcium and zinc, iodine and fluorine, copper, chromium, manganese and phosphorus. This fruit is very good to clean the intestines. Also, they help to stimulate muscle contractions of muscles.

Plums and derivatives of them are very good, as a mild laxative. Given these properties, they are recommended to have in case of constipation, but also when an intestinal atony. Studies proved that the use of plums in the ability to rid the body of harmful cholesterol. In addition, plum, thanks to the potassium content have diuretic effect and also help get rid of the desired salt.

This fruit is considered an excellent tool protivootchechnym because the sodium content in it is incredibly high. For this reason, the use of a well-drained shown for patients with atherosclerosis, and cholecystitis. It is also very good to eat plum high blood pressure and people with kidney disease.

Traditional healers believe that the use of the drain can be controlled mentally healthy person. It is said that the use of plums in facilitating balancing of the nervous system, the maintenance of peace in the state. Cosmetologists happy to use these fruits to prepare various masks, allowing saturate the skin with vitamins.

According to doctors, the use of plums can manifest in the fact that they are a good preventive measure for maintaining normal blood pressure. Eating enough of these fruits generally beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system of man.

Fruits plums contain so-called coumarin. These substances have an impact that extends coronary vessels. They actively prevent the formation of blood clots and in general allow to get rid of already appeared.

However, diabetics and people suffering from obesity, these fruits are contraindicated. Also, the damage may be caused to sink and the health of children, as they have from eating these fruits and juice can cause stomach pains, intestinal disorders and diarrhea. When gout and rheumatism plums and plum juice is also not desirable because of the diuretic effect of the body will be displayed an excessive amount of fluid.

Unfortunately, like any other gifts of nature, plums are not only positive qualities. Therefore, it is important to observe moderation when eating and take into account the recommendations of experts, to the fruits of these was to benefit and harm of plums not manifested!

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