Benefits and harms of sour milk




Sour milk – a delicious drink, which is obtained from cow’s milk ghee, which is fermented Lactobacillus acidophilus and streptococcus. It is believed that relates to drink yogurt mind it is commonly prepared without flavorings.

The value of the product to human is huge. Benefits and harms of sour milk is now well understood by physicians who say that 4 cups of the drink contains calcium and phosphorus rate for a person for the whole day.

Another benefit of sour milk in its medicinal properties. The protein in the drink to digest much better and is considered to be healthier than milk. Kefir improves the functioning of our stomach, helps in the prevention of kidney disease, it is necessary for the normal functioning of the intestines.
The drink is indispensable for people with calcium deficiency, can cure osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and for daily use will enhance immunity and disease resistance.

The highest calorie drink compared to other dairy products also use sour milk. It will quench hunger and thirst, get rid of gravity on the stomach, headaches and help with overeating.

The beverage has the property to enhance the appetite and helps the body to be cleansed of harmful substances and cleans the intestines.

The use of sour milk is well known cosmetologists. From it are obtained beautiful facials. It is used for swimming, diluting in water, or applied to the hair.

Harm sour milk, as well as its benefits depend directly on the drink freshness. The most useful drink for humans, if it is fresh. Since it has not killed lactobacilli, which are beneficial to our health.

Harm sour milk because of its caloric value is obvious for people suffering from obesity, and high acidity provoked by the gastritis.

In quality beverage should be gentle cream color and light sour milk smell. If the smell gets into the nose and very sharp, so he probably spoiled. From such a drink could be harmful only sour milk for the body.

On the packaging of the product should not be mentioned dyes or stabilizers. This product should be only natural without any additives. If any chemical additives in the drink can only harm sour milk, as the beneficial bacteria in it are absent.

Very useful fermented baked milk for women in menopause. It helps the body to rebuild quickly and painlessly.

Benefits and harms of sour milk are well known. One of the nice features of this drink – to rescue man from the hangover.

Great dough for cakes and pies you get when you add the fermented baked milk. Baking is lush, and most importantly useful.

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