Benefits and harms of tomato juice




Give a definite answer to the question what is the benefit and harm of tomato juice probably will not be solved none. How this issue is discussed in a variety of magazines and broadcasts about health, but categorically nobody will answer, “can” or “can not” drink this juice. In fact, what happens is the use of tomato juice, will depend on various factors, as well as any damage to the tomato juice.

This juice is the most preferred among the majority of Russians. It can be used to quench their thirst, to stifle hunger, get plenty of calcium and at the same time it is low in calories. It is recommended for use of children, lactating mums, those who are inclined to obesity and the elderly. When it improves use efficiency of the nervous system. A high content of vitamins and nutrients, promotes weight loss.

Let’s try to figure out what is the benefit of tomato juice. It contains macro and micronutrients, organic acid. Many therein glucose, iron, fructose, iodine, manganese. Due to being a part of lycopene, this drink has antioxidant properties. In one glass of juice, carotene as much, and 100 grams of carrots, and lysine is greater than is in sunflower seeds. Serotonin, contained in it, raises the spirits and volatile production has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
It is used in folk and traditional medicine. Recommend it to use at an elevated cholesterol, diseases of the stomach and the heart, for the normal functioning of the metabolism, anemia, as well as a laxative. In glaucoma, the use of tomato juice, reduces intraocular pressure. These facts show the benefits of tomato juice.

But the damage to tomato juice is not too small, if you have health problems. It can cause great harm in diseases of the stomach and intestines, it can not drink with pancreatitis, ulcers, gastritis. If cholelithiasis or reduce to a minimum the use of juice, or completely abandon it. Drink tomato juice should be half an hour before a meal. If a lot of foods with protein origin, this juice is not compatible with it in your diet. Minimum doza300 grammv day.

Relevant and discussed topic was and remains a topic: the benefits and harms of tomato juice. He is one of the most delicious and healthy juices, but it does have a ban or restriction in some diseases. Do not abuse the canned tomato juice, since their use is not excluded the formation of kidney stones. Drink tomato juice, but in moderation! And then your health will be fine!

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