Biarritz (translated from the language of the Basques “rock ledge”) – a seaside resort, which is located in the south-west of France, near Bayonne. The city’s location on the coast of the Bay of Biscay of the Atlantic Ocean, within the Silver Coast, Biarritz turned into one of the most popular resorts in Europe.

Back in the 19th century this part of the coast has attracted Empress Eugenie (the wife of Napoleon III), to built a palace and spa center; then the aristocracy from all over Europe (Queen Victoria, Edward VIII of, Wallis Simpson, and others) are often chosen holiday destination is Biarritz.

Climate Biarritz sea, moderately humid (defined by the ocean and the proximity of the Pyrenees mountain range). The average temperature in July is about 20 ° C, the water in the bay is warm (hot summers can reach up to 25 ° .With). Precipitation about 900 mm per year, and the relative humidity is 68-75%.

Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream resort town of Biarritz has become quite popular among beach lovers. The beaches here range from two rocky ledges (Cape St. Maarten and Ataley plateau) to the north beach Chambre d’Amour ( “Room of love”). Beach Chambre d’Amour has become a favorite place for surfers who gather here during the annual surf festival. In addition to surfing in Biarritz is famous for its wonderful tennis courts and golf courses.

The mild climate, sea water and clean air, saturated with iodine vapor, sodium chloride water Briscoe sources have all contributed to the development of thalassotherapy and other spa procedures and programs. The most famous and popular in Biarritz thalassotherapy center is the center of “Louison Bob”, located in the Hotel Miramar 4 *. The center has special rooms for rest and relaxation, spacious treatment rooms, swimming pools with sea water.

developm center specialists a unique method that combines aromatherapy and talassoterariyu. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils made of various plant and when used with heated hydrotherapy (for better penetration into the body of mineral components), sea water, rich in natural minerals and valuable trace elements.

The center is also used seaweed therapy, including a seaweed body wrap, which stimulates the excretion of toxins, it has a relaxing effect and saturates the body with minerals.

Plus, in the center provided services for kinesitherapy in the treatment of problem areas back.

Thalassotherapy Center offers the following wellness programs: “Restoration of the form.” “There is no extra calories!”, “Let’s pohudeem!” Anti-cellulite program, “Quit Smoking!” Anti-stress program, “School of the back”, “Golden Autumn” Treatment of the syndrome of “heavy legs” Postpartum course “pamper our kids! “- for young mums, oriental and Ayurvedic treatments, a beauty program.

The main indications for thalassotherapy courses:

-reduction emotional tone,
-Stress, insomnia,
-weakening immunity and frequent respiratory infections,
-More than in the back, joints,
-izbytochny weight, cellulite, heaviness in the legs,
-The need for a comprehensive course beauty treatments for -Face and body;
-Recovers after childbirth and psychophysical correction for women were male, and after 50 years,
-Violation metabolism.


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