Detox-Fresh: slimming top 5 recipes




Although doctors are very conflicting opinions about the term “detoxification” of the detox diet you will not discourage any doctor. Who would hurt the rejection of flour, fat, salt, and other hazards, coupled with the active use of fresh juices, vegetables, fruits and berries?
If you suddenly go you’re not ready to such a diet, there is a great compromise – detox cocktails. They are made from various fresh juices, picking up the ingredients for useful properties. Here are 5 very simple and super-useful detox fresh, aimed at weight loss, which tried to myself:
Apple + Cucumber + mint (ratio – 1: 1: 0.5). All ingredients are first ground together in a blender, and then sent to the juicer. The result – a very low-calorie, sour (which is important for the stomach and liver) cocktail with anti-oxidant properties. Peppermint helps to remove excess water from the body.
Apple + kiwi + Carrot + Ginger (ratio 1: 1: 1: 0.1). To a mixture of juice add a little ground ginger – he is credited with tonic effect and the ability to accelerate metabolism. The rest of the ingredients – a high content of vitamins A, C, pectin.
Apple + Carrot + Pineapple (ratio 1: 1: 1). If an ordinary carrot and apple Frechet add pineapple juice, then taste will be more interesting, and the properties will be added “fat burning” effect.
Pear + cucumber + celery (ratio 1: 1: 0.5). Sweet pear combined with neutral cucumber constitute an excellent dietary basis, and celery is considered so effective in weight loss reality that exists even celery diet (the so-called Bonn soup).
+ Carrot + orange melon (ratio 1: 1: 1). Carrot and orange provide vitamin A, which is considered an important Elements in metabolism during weight loss. Melon helps fight swelling that often accompany obesity.

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