Spa resort Engen-les-Bains is not far from the French capital (just 15 km) at an altitude of 50 meters above sea level. The resort has long been famous for its healing waters. First Spa clinic was opened here at the beginning of the 18th century, and the popularity of the resort has received since it was here that using the procedures using engenskih water recovered from the illness the king of France, Louis XVIII (since in Engen-les-Bains steel treated members of the Royal family and the aristocracy).
Thus, the main curative factor in the resort Engen-les-Bains is the coldest sulfate-calcium waters, which are used in various medical procedures, such as irrigation, inhalation and baths (despite the fact that the water cold, the centers still defined here as “thermal”).

The resort successfully treat and to prevent the following ailments:

Respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, chronic sinusitis, chronic laryngitis, chronic tonsillitis, recurrent otitis media),
inflammatory diseases of the mouth,
children’s colds (treatment for children from three years old)
diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
rehabilitation after operations on the joints, osteoporosis complications.
The best-known medical complex in the resort is opened in 2006 thermal center Spark, which is just after reconstruction was built also a large spa center. The whole complex covers an area of about 3500 square meters. m and includes its infrastructure and hydro-massage swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, cardio room, a gym, strength training room, as well as 24 treatment rooms and a beauty salon, where applicable known cosmetic line Thalgo – TERRAKE.
Among the most sought-after procedures offered guests the thermal center are the following: irrigation of the nasal cavity, shower for the upper respiratory tract, inhalation, aerosols, blowing the Eustachian tubes, washing sinusoidal sinuses, breathing exercises (All these procedures are aimed at treatment of respiratory diseases) and general spa treatments such as various baths with medicinal waters, underwater shower massage, stream shower (local and general), fine shower, massages.

Engen-les-Bains – is not only a beautiful spa resort, but also a great place where you can escape from the city in the shady alleys of roses famous Garden sit in the numerous cafes and restaurants, as well as visit the local sights: the Van Gogh Museum and Rousseau, House of Arts, “Valley of the expressionists.” You can simply watch the work of street artists, who come here from all over France.
In addition, Engen-les-Bains, famous for the fact that it is located near (as mentioned earlier only 15 km) to the Casino Paris (since according to the laws of France in the capital of any prohibited gambling establishments).

Due to the proximity of the French capital of Engen-les-Bains organizes excursions to Paris, the Paris region and to Disneyland.

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