Evian-les-Bains – climate spa resort located on the shore of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Savoy Alps (576 km from Paris, 45 km from Geneva). The resort is situated at an altitude of 372-471 meters above sea level.

It was here at the end of the nineteenth century was the mineral water produced under the same name “Evian”, known for its healing properties throughout the world. Mineral water “Evian” is used as an additional therapeutic agent (drinking cure) with urolithiasis, as well as used for general cleansing of the body and normalize metabolism.

The resort is known for its moderate mild climate, as well as seven mineral springs, the water temperature in which about 12 ° C. The water source can be defined as weakly mineralized, hydro-carbonate-sodium, alkaline. It is used in various medical procedures (in the first place is, of course, drinking cure).
In the medical center of the resort offers guests pass the most popular procedures in the world, such as carbonic baths, mud baths, underwater massage, as well as numerous beauty treatments for skin care and body.

The main indications for treatment in the resort of Evian-les-Bains are the following diseases:

-Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract,
-Diseases of the digestive system,
-Diseases of the cardiovascular system,
-Metabolic disorders (overweight)
-Functional disorders of the nervous system.
The healing properties of water from local sources is also used in procedures aimed at moisturizing, softening and rejuvenating skin.
Among all recreation centers, located at the resort, perhaps, is to provide a separate SPA center «Mieux Vivre» ( «better life”), which is located at the “Royal”. Guests are invited to go through the center of the following procedures: various massages (Japanese, Chinese, Ayurveda), as well as all kinds of wraps (mud, seaweed and others.). You can select and specific health program, which is designed, as a rule, for seven days ( “Energy”, “Lightness and Weight Loss,” “Complete relaxation and tone”, “Beauty and Power”, the individual program for teenagers, and many others). The center infrastructure includes numerous treatment rooms, a swimming pool for akvaerobika, hydromassage outdoor pool, lounge, gym, sauna, Turkish bath, and beauty salon.
In addition to the treatment of spa guests can use various outdoor activities. For example, here is the Royal Golf Club, which is considered one of the best clubs in Europe (it is here that hosts an annual women’s tournament «Evian Masters»). Also, the resort has all the conditions for sailing, as well as biking and hiking mountain walks. In addition, during the period from February to April is open the ski season (you can hire mountain and cross-country skiing, as well as select various courses for beginners and advanced skiers).

For those who like a relaxing quiet holiday can offer to visit a concert hall “barn by the lake”, where the daily musical evenings, as well as the annual festival “Musical meeting”.

From Evian-les-Bains also organizes a variety of excursions to nearby places. For example, you should definitely go on an excursion to the abbey and Abondance cheese factory, Coast, in the gorge of Devil’s Bridge or catch a ferry to Lausanne.

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