How useful diet to cleanse the body?




On the Internet and printed publications can be found a wide variety of programs for cleaning the body or individual organs of toxins and impurities. This is a complete fasting, receiving various cleansing infusions, teas, various cleansing diet. The aim of these procedures is to clean the body of poisons, toxins, artificial additives, heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and t.d.Pravilnaya cleansing diet is based on natural products, mainly fresh and raw, as well as herbs, cleansing the internal organs and tissues. Such body cleansing programs are even more stringent than the usual diet for weight loss. But after detoxification people feel more energetic, younger, healthier. Who would need a body cleansing? In the first place to those who abuse alcohol, caffeine, smoking. Also, the body is very dirty people who regularly overeat, consuming contaminated, processed or high-calorie foods, in patients with irregular meals people. Intoxication contribute to stress, taking medication, as well as viruses, bacteria.
Most likely, the program of cleansing the body will help you lose weight as well as excluded from the diet of processed, high-calorie and fatty foods. Calorie cleansing diet will be low enough so her diet typically whole plant foods, a small amount of protein foods and very little fat. This will help reduce body fat stores. But cleansing diets are usually short-term, and during this time it is impossible to lose a lot of fat.
Weight loss during the cleansing diet is mainly due to fluid loss. Reducing the consumption of carbohydrates, which contribute to water retention in the body, help lose weight to a few kilograms a week, but most of this weight loss is due to water.
Nutritionists and doctors do not recommend to stick to programs to cleanse the body for a long time, since they limit the consumption of many of the body needs food, and too low in calories. You can alternate weekly cleansing with a few weeks of the standard supply. But such a cyclical diet changes can cause significant fluctuations in weight in people who are prone to rapid change in body weight, and this can be harmful for their health and for their figures.
Thus, a program for cleansing the body should be seen as a short-term diet for improvement, which will be the beginning of a long path to a slim and beautiful figure, implying a small reduction of consumed calories (no more than 500 calories a day) in combination with an increase in physical activity – studies fitness, dancing, etc.

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