Port Kruesti




Climate Spa Port Kruesti located on the southern coast of Brittany (peninsula Ruiz) and washed by the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan and the Atlantic Ocean. Port Kruesti located very close to the other well-known resorts in France: from Quiberon and Belle-Ile-en-Mer.
The resort has a mild maritime climate with plenty of sunny days per year. The main therapeutic factors of the resort is the sea water and clean air, saturated with air ions.

There are several large thalassotherapy center, the main focus of which is aromatalassoterapiya. The center uses the following methods of treatment and prevention of disease: first, of course, drinking treatment (using 45 kinds of mineral water), massage (vibratory and underwater), seaweed wraps under infrared rays (so-called algotherapy), water aerobics, and diet therapy (nutritionist for each developing its own nutrition program, depending on the characteristics of the organism).

The resort successfully treat the following diseases:

-functional disorders of the nervous system
-frequent respiratory infections, weakened immunity
-diseases of the musculoskeletal system
-metabolic disorders
-postpartum syndrome (not earlier than 8 weeks after childbirth)
-emotional stress, stress
The most famous thalassotherapy center is a wellness center Louison Bobet, which is located on the lake sea water, in Miramar Crouesty Hotel 4 * building. Center covers more than 2500 square meters and includes a plurality of treatment rooms, special rooms for relaxation and recreation, saltwater pool (32 ° temperature), which features cascading showers, power shower and “bubble bath” (the total area of the basin is 200 sqm). Signature treatments are the center of a shower in four hands, massage shower, acupressure, Thai stretch massage, acupressure foot massage, facial massage, akvastreching and oxygenation.
It is here that got its development and so-called aromatalassoterapiya – kind of thalassotherapy with essential oils – which help to increase the positive effect of the use of heated sea water. The center also offers its guests pass the following wellness programs: anti-stress treatment for the back, anti-cellulite course, anti-tobacco, mother-child, healthy legs, as well as a variety of beauty programs (using drugs «Esthederm» and «Anne Semonin») and others. We should also highlight the unique program Prasama, which includes all the traditional methods of treatment, common in India, Thailand and Japan (booking 30 days prior to arrival at the hotel).

In his spare time, you can stroll through the cozy paths close to the hotel, visit the plains of Lanvin and the legendary Broceliande forest and take a trip on a yacht between the numerous islands. Among the attractions you can highlight the summer residence of the Dukes of Brittany – Castle Susin, a city of artists Baths, Port Nuva, which are easily reachable by rental car.

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