The climatic health resort of Quiberon is located on the west coast of France. The resort is located on the southern peninsula of the same name, which is a narrow strip of land in the 4 km wide and 14 km long.

Since this is, first and foremost, a climatic health resort, the decisive role is played here by the treatment, of course, seaside mild climate with plenty of sunny days per year. Plus, you can separately select the healing sea water among medical factors of the resort with a high content of various trace elements, seaweed, mud, clean air and sandy beaches.
Here is one of the most famous in the world of thalassotherapy center covering over 7,000 square meters, which includes an indoor swimming pool with warm water, outdoor pool with heated (to 33 ° C) ocean water, spa pool, sauna as well as many, and treatment rooms.

The resort of Quiberon successfully carried out the treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

-functional disorders of the nervous system,
-diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
-metabolic disorders,
-decrease in emotional tone, stress, insomnia,
-weakened immunity,
-overweight, cellulite,
-postpartum period and menopause in women.
The most popular treatments at the resort are: underwater jet massage, hydro-massage bath, seaweed and mud wraps, facial and body skin peeling and many others. You can select type is generall therapeutic course Among the most popular programs, “Silhouette” (for staying at the hotel “Sofitel dieters”, figure correction program), “Health” (joint disease), “Harmony”, “young mother”, as well as a separate program for men. Anyone can consult a nutritionist as well as a desire to engage in the gym or aqua gym in the pool.
Separately, a few words should be said about the hotel “Sofitel dieters”, which is unique of its kind, because here everything is provided for a successful weight loss. The methodology of the hotel is to offer a full board staying in order to avoid various trials. Chef dietary’s restaurant – Patrick Burning – has developed unique recipes low-calorie meals (lunch – 500-635 calories), does not contain fat and sugar, but at the same time, the same tasty as the classic cuisine. Important in food, according to the chef, is a pleasure that we get from a meal. Cook is ready to offer a huge variety of dishes, from stews Breton lobster with truffles and ending with pineapple cake with strawberry syrup. The only condition that puts nutritionists to its guests, so it is to abstain from alcohol during the entire course of treatment.

In addition to treating the resort offers plenty of leisure activities. Here you will find the casino, several theaters and nightclubs. In addition, the resort is held every autumn a major music festival. For nature lovers can organize hikes in wild dunes, granite rocks and cliffs, reefs, as well as the wild sandy beaches.

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