Roscoff – France, a well-known climatic health resort, located in the north of Brittany, on the coast. Roscoff is considered one of the largest thalassotherapy centers in the country, as well as one of the most popular holiday destinations in Brittany.

The resort has developed a unique microclimate with a constant humidity, which in turn is saturated with iodine vapor, allocated from the more than 500 species of algae.
The first thalassotherapy center was built here more than 100 years ago in 1899 by Dr. Louis Bagot, who has developed a unique method of treatment that combines the use of heated sea water along with exercise (kinezibalneoterapiya). Today in Roscoff a few major centers of thalassotherapy, a basic profile which treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the resort successfully treat the following diseases:

-recovery after childbirth,
-stress, insomnia,
-metabolic disorders,
-the effects of trauma
-disorders of blood circulation functions
-rheumatologic diseases.
The main procedures for which the emphasis in treatment at the resort are: physiotherapy in the pool, electrotherapy, acupuncture, thalassotherapy, pressure, relaxation of special school, as well as a special massage technique – vacuum massage (palper rouler).

As noted earlier, the resort is located just a few major centers of thalassotherapy. It is, first of all, the center of “Rokrum”, the very center, which was opened in 1899. The center specializes in the recovery of energy programs, stress management, as well as rejuvenation and getting rid of excess weight.
Another well-known center – “Curl” – is run by the French social health service. The center offers its guests the following procedures and programs: physiotherapy in the pool, electrotherapy, acupuncture, pressure therapy, radiology, as well as a unique program for the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases.

Another center – “Helio-Marin” – is, in fact, a hospital supported by the French national federal health center. “Helio-Marin” specializes in orthopedic programs, as well as physiotherapy in seawater.
It is worth noting that the hotel infrastructure and thalassotherapy centers in the resort includes not only the different treatment rooms, and equipped with tennis courts, golf courses and gyms. In addition, the resort’s leisure, guests may choose to go sailing, kayak canoeing and sea fishing. Plus, you can arrange a tour of the resort’s attractions. For example, you can visit the Oceanographic Museum, the War Museum, the house of Mary Stuart, the old Gothic church of the XVI century, the chapel of Sainte-Barbe in 1619 (by the way, here each year on the third Monday in July passes Breton religious festival). You can simply take a stroll through the ancient streets of the city, look at the merchants’ houses XV-XVII centuries.

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